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Trusting Ourselves

  How often do we believe others when they tell us we can’t do something? Is it because we trust their opinions more than we trust ourselves? Do we think they know better than us because they have lived longer? The bigger question would be, why don’t we trust ourselves?   I remember asking someone I trusted for guidance, I followed the advice and the situation didn’t turn out like I had wanted. When I think about that experience now, I can see they were advising me based on what they knew to be true for them; not what was true for me.   It can be difficult to know what is true for us. One reason may be because we seek guidance from others so often, we don’t trust ourselves. Or if we look to ourselves for guidance, we are unsure if the voice that answers our questions is true and right. Why is it so hard to trust ourselves?   With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add some clarity to this powerful subject. My questions will be in italics. ~~~ Why is it so har

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