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  How often do we see people taking selfies while working in a soup kitchen during the holiday season? Is this a true act of service, or is it intended to boost their self-importance?   What is a true act of service? Is it throwing ourselves under the bus for others? Could it be taking selfies as we feed the homeless during Thanksgiving week? Or is it knowing of the love found deep within us, then sharing this love without conditions or expectations?   Many teachings advise selfless service as a way to reach higher realms of spirituality. The key word is selfless. Is selfless defined as no regard for our own well-being? Or is it being of service without the expectation of a reward for our good deeds? I believe it is the latter, no expectation of a reward.   There was a time I volunteered at the local high school woodshop. I have been a woodworker for much of my life. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the students while helping them build beds, nightstands, and desks. It was thrilling

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