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Inner Demons

  Within each of us is the capacity to love beyond imagination. This is the intention behind enlightenment, to love no matter the circumstances. The opposite also exists, the ability to do great harm. We may doubt this, but do we lose control of our emotions and spew hatred?   We are taught that demons live outside of us, but do they? They may, but they also reside within us. Most of us have been taught to control our inner demons, keep them in check because we don’t need their presence in our life. Yet they are always there, waiting for an opportunity to strike.   If we don’t think we have demons lurking, look how quickly we lose self-control. How often do we snap when we are frustrated? Do we retaliate when someone doesn’t behave in a way that pleases us? This will tell us if we have control over our inner demons or not.   Oftentimes we go through life centered and emotionally balanced, then in the blink of an eye, we stumble and our demon is released. Once it’s out there in the worl

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