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True to Ourselves

  Trusting and being true to ourselves are challenges we may face each and every day. When we trust ourselves we do not need the opinions of others to validate our existence. We know what is true and right for us, because we have taken the time to look within ourselves and discover the truth of who we are. Even though this truth may not align with the beliefs of others, it is here where we begin to be true to ourselves. Yet our truth has no desire to change to be accepted by others. Our truth has no need to judge others either. When we change who we are to please others we are turning away from a life filled with self-honesty and love. When we become what others want us to become, we do so because we believe their approval of us is a sign of their love for us. This may be the case, although by doing so we shift our focus away from our truth and accept the beliefs of someone else. In doing so we turn away from our own true selves. Why is it so important for us to b

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