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Your Authentic Truth

    This is an excerpt from the chapter on your authentic truth from my book, “A Complete Life, Discovering Your Authentic Self”. ~ What does it mean to experience your authentic truth? Is being an authentic person necessary for living a complete life? Can you maintain your authentic self while you change and grow emotionally from the challenges you have faced? Is it possible to look within yourself to find the answers to these questions to help you discover your authentic truth?   During the course of your life, you have been asked to be a different person for different people: brother, sister, lover, teacher, mother, friend. The question is, “Who are you, to you?” Would you consider yourself your own best friend—your own confidant? Are you comfortable being by yourself, or do you need a crowd of people to support you? Do you see yourself as being authentic?   What does being authentic even mean? In short, being your authentic self means discovering your truth, then living by this tru

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