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Relationships and Self-Love

Relationships and self-love, how do they relate to each other? Could we have a healthy relationship while seeking our own self-love? Is it selfish to search for our self-love before we commit to a loving relationship? What would be the consequences of a self-loving life within a relationship? With these questions and a few more in mind, I felt it would be best to speak with my Inner Voice about this important subject.
Self-love sounds selfish, if so, then why should I seek it within my life?
The definition of selfishness most people use is outdated when it comes to any matters related to creating a better life through seeking self-love. Self-love is an emotional state of being that can only be realized through a selfish act of self-discovery. No other person can substitute their love for your true self-love, it can only come from within you. When a person begins to experience their self-love, their negative self-talk and the opinions of other people fall by the wayside. Why? Because now…

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