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Challenging Ourselves

  When was the last time we challenged ourselves to examine our thoughts, words, and actions, to see if they are in harmony with our higher self? Do our beliefs align with the eternal love found deep within us? Do our words have a foundation of kindness, or do we just speak without much thought?   Challenging ourselves is not easy. We often think we are right and our behavior harms no one. Yet is this true? If we were courageous enough we might realize we are not always doing the right thing. But what is the right thing?   I have come to the understanding that the right thing is rooted in love, kindness, and compassion. If my behavior lacks these elements then it’s not right, and may never be justifiable.   This is where challenging ourselves hits home. We must be willing to accept that we may not be as loving or as kind as we think. But to recognize this we have to be honest with ourselves.   Often we fool ourselves into thinking our behavior is warranted. Have we bought into the “Tou

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