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Our Responsibilities

  With each new day we have the opportunity to be more kind, loving, and compassionate. Yet how often do we behave this way. Is it easier to remain as we were yesterday without having to challenge ourselves to be better, kind and loving? Where does that lead us? Sure, life can be challenging but we can remain true to ourselves by avoiding the slippery slope of negativity. If we want a healthier, more loving world, we have to be willing to step up to the challenge. We can’t ask for a better life and sit on our hands doing nothing about how we impact the world. We have to become an active part of the healing process otherwise we will not see any positive change. This means each of us have a responsibility to do our part to create the loving world we want to live in. With these thoughts in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to the subject of our responsibilities for creating a more loving world. My questions will be in italics. ~~~ Why is it har

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