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Love and Self-Sacrifice

It is the day before Valentine Day, a day to share our love with that someone special. But what about ourselves? Do we take the time to treat ourselves with respect and love? And how often do we say no when we know that saying yes will cause discomfort within us? I asked these questions for my well-being and I thought that a conversation with my Inner Voice would be a good way to gain a better understanding.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner voice will be in normal print.

Is there anything wrong with showing those around us love on Valentines Day?
 No, there is nothing wrong with showing those around you love no matter what day it is. The issue begins when people sacrifice their happiness as a way to show love to someone else. Through this act of self-sacrifice this person is denying themselves their true desires. What few people realize is that resentment may begin to grow through their sacrifice. At first this resentment may not be felt, but as the act o…

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