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Emotional Stumbling Blocks

  There is a post on social media showing the difference between what people think enlightenment is and what really happens. One picture shows someone walking on clouds with bright sun shining down on them. The other picture is a person curled up in the fetal position crying. Although the first image looks wonderful, the second image is closer to the truth.   There will be days when we feel as if we are walking on clouds above the storm, yet often we are in the thick of the turbulent weather. But isn’t the heart of the storm where we will find the lessons we need to uncover our true selves? If it was all easy would it be worth it? After a storm don’t we appreciate the sunny days? Here we can regroup and look within, to see what we have learned, and the benefits the rain has given the landscape around us.   When we fall over an emotional roadblock we have a choice, remain on the wet, damp ground, or get up, brush off the mud and continue moving forward. I’d like to claim I’m always cent

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