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  It won’t take much to recognize the influencers in our life. These are people who, in some way or another, challenged us to see life differently, helped us expand our awareness of the outside world, or taught us the hard lessons we needed to learn at the time. I can make a direct connection between my first hike at age eight, influenced by my father, and now living in Colorado at the base of a row of 14,000’ peaks. Yet, I can also see the effect a grumpy, old carpenter in California had on my becoming the best craftsman I could be. Both of these people had a positive influence on my life, although one taught through love, the other, not quite sure. The question then becomes, how are we influencing those around us? Are we impacting their lives in a positive way? Or, are we forcing them to see the world as we do, thereby limiting the way they experience the world? It’s funny how we think of influence. We often think of a strongman twisting our arm to comply with h

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