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Giving Thanks

  What reasons do you have to be thankful, the people in your life, or your health, to name a few? Giving thanks for the people and things we love is easy. We appreciate them in our daily lives so we express gratitude toward them. Yet, what about the challenges we have faced and overcome? Can we give thanks for them? Then there are the struggles we may be facing right now. Is it possible to give thanks for them as well? If we were to look closely at our challenges and struggles, we may begin to see important lessons hidden within them we need to learn. What if we accepted that the lessons we learn from our challenges and struggles help us live better lives? Would we have the courage to give thanks for them? I remember a time in my life when  making it through each day was a challenge. But as I look back I can see the resulting growth from those experiences. I can now give thanks for that time in my life and the things I had learned. In a way, I’m still learning from

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