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React or Respond

  At times, life can come at us pretty quickly. Before we know it, everything has changed. The solid ground we once trusted, appears to be falling away before our very eyes, causing us to question the choices we have made. How do we adjust to these changes?   Do we react or do we respond? Is there a difference between the two? I would think when we react, we act without much thought and the situation then controls us. Although to respond, we search within ourselves to find the best course of action, then move forward with this wisdom.   The difference between react and respond will determine the outcome of the situation. I remember before I understood the importance of remaining centered, when I would react without much thought or consideration to the end result. As you would imagine my behavior actually made the situation worst.   I didn’t know that there were positive lessons hidden within the experience. By reacting, I limited the emotional growth the lesson was meant to teach me. I

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