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  Recently someone told me they were bored. This was surprising, because I can’t imagine being bored. They weren’t saying they were bored with their day, they were bored with their life.   Why is it we fail to realize that we create the world around us. If we are bored it is because of the choices we have made, yet most people would deny this. Is it because people do not want to take responsibility for their choices?   If we are bored is it because we believe that life happens to us? Blaming life for our boredom. Why is it we limit the way we move through life? Are we too afraid to accept responsibility for our happiness?   Looking at the night sky I see unlimited possibilities. I see the same thing when I look across the landscape of our world. There is nothing we cannot do, be, or have, when we set our mind to the task.   Is the root cause of boredom fear? If we are bored, are we too afraid to try something new? Or too insecure to be a beginner at something? Sure trying new things ca

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