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Remaining True To Ourselves

  I often think of the courage it takes to be true to ourselves. Many times the people in our lives want us to remain as we were, because it makes them comfortable. This can pose a challenge for us because who we were may not be who we want to become. This life change could be the best thing for us, though it may cause disappointment in others. But is their disappointment a good enough reason to silence our desire for a better life? I remember a time in my life when I moved across the country. I was unhappy where I was living, and I knew this move would be the best thing for me. I knew because it felt right, as if all the missing pieces in my life were falling into place for me. This move took courage because I knew few people in my new destination. It took courage because I also knew that the people I was leaving behind would rather I stay. I had to make a choice, be true to myself, or remain where I was to please others. It was a tough choice but one I have never re

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