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I have been thinking about quitting recently. Not in quitting these conversations, but how oftentimes when we quit a relationship, or job, we get criticized for it. Then if we stay in a situation that truly doesn’t make us happy, we deny ourselves better opportunities. Why is that? I will seek the wisdom from my Inner Voice on the subject of quitting. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
***  There is a long history of teachings that say, do not quit, that the reward will be worth it. Yet, as you ask, why stay in a situation that truly does not allow you to thrive? If one were to quit, others judge them harshly for this action. What is the best course of action?
This conversation begins with asking, what makes you truly happy? If you are working on a project, or you are in a relationship that makes you feel tremendous joy, then why contemplate quitting? If you have a job that does not satisfy your heart and mind, then why stay? The difference between the two is that one is rooted…

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