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  When we look around the world today, we may find people who challenge us emotionally. Maybe their beliefs do not align with ours, or maybe they are always negative. It can be easy to recognize those who challenge us, but what if they are in our lives for a reason. Is it possible people who challenge us might have important lessons to teach us? Not all lessons are learned through love, kindness and compassion, some are learned through difficulty, and taught through adversity. Is it beneficial to see challenging people as teachers, thereby recognizing the lessons they have for us? Or are they just difficult people and we ignore the lessons they have? Does our attitude change when we notice the lessons challenging people have to teach us? With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to this topic. My questions will be in italics. ~~~ Do all challenging people have lessons to teach us? Everyone has something to teach others, yet

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