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Change Begins With Us

It doesn’t take much to look at the world and recognize the uncertainty before us. This uncertainty is changing lives across the global landscape. Yet, what can we do to bring about positive change during challenging times? It may be easy to sit on our hands believing that what we see is not our problem. Although, isn’t the well-being of the people around us something that should concern us? What can we do that would be a benefit? Is there something positive, something that would move our little piece of the world toward a better place emotionally?With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner voice may be a good place to start. My questions will be in italics for clarity.~~~
What can people do to help move the world to a better place emotionally?
Begin with shifting one’s awareness away from negativity to a more positive frame of mind. If there is a constant focus on the negative events of the world, negative energy grows in strength. The more focus placed on any event, ener…

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