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Thoughts and Focus

In August of last year I had the chance to ride my motorcycle to Southern Utah. I knew that it would be warm, but the average high was going to be around one hundred five degrees. I ride in full protective motorcycle gear which can make a warm day hot and a hot day HOT. This didn't bother me  because I knew that if I focused on the heat then the heat would get the best of me. What did I do: I chose to focus on the beauty of the area, and not focus on the heat. But, is it that easy, changing our focus to experience a better outcome? I thought that this would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

Is it that simple, change our focus and experience something better?
Focus draws your attention to that which you are focused upon, but focus is much more powerful than that. When you are focused on a certain subject, situation or even the heat, you will attract more of what you are f…

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