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Be Of Love

I have been thinking about the mantra, “be of love,” recently. As I look out at the world, I see many reasons to judge. I know judgement is a powerful negative emotion that doesn’t serve my highest good. I am working on replacing my judgement with the mantra, “be of love.” Each time I think of judgement or a negative thought, I repeat to myself, “be of love.”
What would happen if all people began using this mantra instead of speaking words of judgement or negativity? Would our world begin to feel, and look different? It may be easy to slip into judgement, and negativity can be a seductive adversary. Yet can we counter these negative energies by being of love?
With this subject in mind, I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice for guidance. My questions will be in italics for clarity. ~~~ What happens within us when we replace negativity with a mantra such as, “be of love?”
To use, “be of love” as a mantra, is to replace the energy of negativity with more positive energy. At first this mantr…

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