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The Significance of Others

Years ago, one of my first jobs was clearing tables at a local restaurant. It was here where I discovered that people will treat you differently if you have no real value to them. This was a painful lesson that caused me to become aware of how I treat others, whether it's the doctor or the person that picks up my trash. I have since learned that many people treat those that have less glamorous titles and jobs, as insignificant.   This still shocks me to this day, but it is all too common. I though that I would seek some clarity on this subject with my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.
What ever happened to the belief that all people are created equal? All people are indeed created equal, it is in the reaction from others that this powerful truth becomes skewed. Few people are willing to accept that all life has been created out of the same energy, this is the energy of love. When you begin to accept yourself wi…

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