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Discovering Your Inner Voice

The titles of my blog and Instagram account are: Sharing the Wisdom Spoken Through My Inner Voice. What is my Inner Voice? Where does my Inner Voice come from? Finally, do you have an inner voice that talks to you, as mine does to me?

This may be a challenge to understand, or it can be very simple, all that is required is an open heart, an open mind and the belief that anything is possible when we move past our false beliefs. I will need the help of my Inner Voice throughout this conversation. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

Many people have asked me if they have an inner voice, and if so, how can they access it? The inner voice is within all people, but this loving voice can be overshadowed by a person's negative self-talk. Oftentimes people believe that their inner voice is the negative words they hear within themselves throughout their day. It must be understood that a person's true inner voice will only speak thro…

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