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Walk Away

  It’s not easy to walk away. For many of us, we have been taught to stick it out, work through it, suck it up. In living this way we shrink, crushed under the weight of sacrificing our well-being to satisfy the opinions of others.   Walking away from a relationship can be a touchy subject. People don’t want to believe their behavior may be the reason we chose to walk. Yet they fail to accept their role in the outcome. Walking away means we are walking away from something or someone. Usually when we walk we are blamed.   Why is it we cannot grasp the concept of creating a safe environment for those around us to speak freely. Are we so immature we don’t want to hear what is making others miserable? Is it because we are uncomfortable with who we are, we choose to ignore what another person is feeling?   Oftentimes walking away is a last resort, we have no other options, no one wants to hear us, so we walk. Yet we walk because we may not be secure in our own selves to speak honestly. We m

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