Recently someone told me they were bored. This was surprising, because I can’t imagine being bored. They weren’t saying they were bored with their day, they were bored with their life.


Why is it we fail to realize that we create the world around us. If we are bored it is because of the choices we have made, yet most people would deny this. Is it because people do not want to take responsibility for their choices?


If we are bored is it because we believe that life happens to us? Blaming life for our boredom. Why is it we limit the way we move through life? Are we too afraid to accept responsibility for our happiness?


Looking at the night sky I see unlimited possibilities. I see the same thing when I look across the landscape of our world. There is nothing we cannot do, be, or have, when we set our mind to the task.


Is the root cause of boredom fear? If we are bored, are we too afraid to try something new? Or too insecure to be a beginner at something? Sure trying new things can make us uncomfortable, but a rewarding life is found outside of our comfort zone.


If we truly love ourselves, don’t we want to give ourselves the best opportunity to see what we can accomplish? Why give up midway through life just because we are afraid of breaking our fragile ego?


The world is filled with options. We can travel anywhere, learn almost anything, eat amazing food. But if we are afraid of the unknown we will never cross the threshold into an amazing life.


Average is not something I want associated with me or my life. Boredom is a state of mind that accepts average as the best we can do. But what will happen when we have no time left? Will we be pleased with our average, boring life?


A positive way to step away from a bored mindset is to become someone who is of service to others. This takes our ego out of the equation and causes us to lead with our heart. When we live by the love in our heart, the world is no longer limited by what our ego fears.


Another interesting thought about boredom, is by accepting this way of life we are denying ourselves the best life possible. We are stopping our forward progress because we are too afraid to challenge ourselves with something different. We are bored because we are not willing to move forward. In this sense our boredom is self-inflicted.


One of the challenges with boredom is we have to look within ourselves to ask why? Yet if this type of questioning scares us, we will never overcome our boredom. But whose life is it anyway? If our intention is to live to the fullness of who we are, we must see boredom as a self-imposed limitation. A limitation we can overcome with a dose of our own self-love.


Is boredom a part of your life? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, I’m always interested in hearing from you.


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Peace and well-being, Paul


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