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Each of us has a powerful inner truth, yet for various reasons we don’t live by this truth. I might even say we may not realize this truth exists. We may think we are living our truth, but to know for sure we must take an honest look at how our lives are unfolding. That’s the challenge, to look in the mirror to see if we are being truthful with ourselves, and then to live by this truth.


The questions that come to mind are, what is my truth, where do I find it, and why am I not living it? These are questions that require self-reflection to answer. We must look within to find our truth.


Our truth is the person we are meant to be, then living by this truth. Sounds easy enough, but there is nothing easy about it. Why? Because life has a way of changing us. Yet at some level we allow this to happen. Think of a time when we changed our behavior to please someone. We wanted their acceptance and love, so we changed who we were to gain their approval.


Yet throughout life, we continue this behavior because we are addicted to the feeling of belonging. But through all of this, we feel hollow because our self-worth is based on the acceptance of others, not on an acceptance of ourselves. In behaving this way we have separated ourselves from our truth.


Each of us is unique and each of us has a unique gift to give to the world. This gift is our truth. It is the fullness of who we are. To find this gift we must look deep within ourselves, past the persona we create to please others. Past the walls our ego builds as protection from the pain of not being accepted, into our heart, maybe for the first time.


As we look into our heart, we may realize the life we have been living is nothing like the life we have always wanted. This is not a comfortable place, but it is the place we have to be if our intention is to live to the fullness of who we are.


The deeper we travel into our heart, the closer we come to connecting with the love at the core of our being. It is this love that is the foundation of our truth. This love only asks us to be truthful and honest with ourselves. It never asks us to change who we are, sacrifice our dreams, or behave in a way that harms ourselves or others, emotionally or physically.


Imagine a love so pure, so powerful, its only request is for us to be true to ourselves. Now that we are aware of this love, we can begin the work of clearing away the persona we have created to please others, and the limiting beliefs that hinder our ability to live the life we have always wanted.


How will we know if we are living in unison with this love? We will be at peace with who we are. There will no longer be any inner conflict, our self-doubt and negative self-talk will be silenced by self-love. We will be at peace because we are living by the loving guidance of our intuition. Living this way we know a decision is right because we trust ourselves enough to know when we are in alignment with our inner truth.


In the past we would have changed who we were to please others. Now we can stand tall knowing we love ourselves enough to remain true to ourselves. We may notice our circle of friends shifting as they realize they can no longer control us. The power they once had over us is now useless because our self-esteem is strong enough to no longer need their approval as a measure of our self-worth.


As our self-love strengthens, we have the courage to cross into the unknown to see what life has to offer. It is here we realize the journey within was worth it. Although challenges will arise, and we may slip back into old patterns, the strength and depth of our self-love will carry us through.


When we look in the mirror we will see a different person, a person who realized that life was too precious to waste endlessly trying to please others. A person who found their unique gift deep within their heart, who is not afraid to share this gift with the world. A person who is courageous enough to look within themselves with the intention of living by the truth of who they are.


Are you courageous enough to reconnect with your inner truth?


Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, I’m always open to hearing your point of view.


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Why is it we judge ourselves on an assumption of what we believe others think? What a crazy way to live. We assume we know what those around us are thinking, so we judge ourselves based on this assumption. This is why we tell ourselves we don’t belong. But the information we use to judge ourselves is false. Why do we do this to ourselves?


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Peace and well-being, Paul


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