Life can be full of noise. The sounds of the city, barking dogs, cars and trucks, even people playing music too loud can be noise. At times even when the world is quiet, there may be a constant stream of noise in our head. This noise can be the most bothersome.


It seems no matter what we try to do, the racket in our mind just keeps on going. This is what can make meditation challenging for many people, myself included. We can get so frustrated we decide not meditating might be better for us than struggling to find a few moments of peace. Why go through all of that trouble to quiet our mind?


The amazing thing about the world we live in today is that with the touch of a finger we can read about what is happening around the world. This is great, yet this also adds volume to the noise.


Are we really supposed to hear this much noise? At times I want to leave my phone in the junk drawer in the kitchen. It can be too much knowing every detail about something going on half way around the world. The stress this noise creates can be a lot to bear.


One aspect of the noise bombarding us is we cannot hear the voice of our authentic self. The outside world is just too loud, yet our mental chatter is no less quiet. The thing about the voice of our authentic self, is we have ignored it for so long it doesn’t have the strength to be heard above the noise.


The voice of our authentic self, or our inner voice as I like to call it, is the only voice in our head that speaks to us through our self-love. In other words, if we hear anything not founded on love, then we should ignore it.


We often get confused with which voice we should follow. We think the voice of our self-doubt and negative self-talk are the voices of our authentic self, yet they are not. These negative voices work to defeat us before we begin. Plus these voices are the loudest, yelling and screaming all day long telling us one negative thing after another.


It’s no wonder we feel stuck or lack motivation, our self-doubt reminds us of our failures. While our negative self-talk will tell us we are worthless for trying something new. Although our inner voice, the voice of our self-love, will guide us through life with love, compassion, and kindness.


Our self-love helps us recognize the positive lessons in our failures. This allows us to move forward armed with new knowledge and wisdom. The love for ourselves gives us the ability to see our value to ourselves and the world around us. The challenge is not which voice is right or which is wrong. The challenge is hearing the loving voice of our self-love above the noise.


When we start to recognize the sweet sound of our inner voice above the din, we can begin to silence the noise. We do this by turning our attention away from the useless chatter. When the noise level becomes too much for me, I’ll ask myself, why am I focusing on this, when I could be focusing on something healthier? In doing so I take responsibility for where I place my attention.


Recently I questioned the narrative floating around in my mind. I asked myself why I continue to torture myself with these thoughts. It wasn’t until I sat with the narrative, picked it apart for the lessons I was meant to learn, that the story lost its momentum. After a while the narrative fell apart and no longer controlled me emotionally.


I silenced the noise by learning what I could, then throwing out everything else that served no useful purpose. Now when I think about the situation it’s like looking at a postcard from a faraway place that no longer has any meaning. This has given me the clarity to hear my inner voice.


Noise is a part of life, yet we can do our best to disregard what is useless, while working on being able to hear the voice of our authentic self. From here we can begin to live the life we have always wanted, because we were strong enough to silence the noise.


How noisy is it in your head? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below I’m always open to discussing the subject further.


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