I have been thinking about the strength needed to stay true to ourselves. The stamina to maintain focus, along with the courage to ignore thoughts that do no truly serve our best interest. There may be many distractions along our journey, but do we have the stamina to work through these challenges?
 With these thoughts in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may shed some light on the subject of stamina. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
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Is it right to think that we need stamina to maintain our place of true center—our true selves?

If you look at the world around you, you will see that there are many distractions that can throw you off of center. The world can come at you very fast, and with tremendous force causing uncertainty, even confusion. When you look at the amount of information available to you at your fingertips, it is easy to see how you can become overwhelmed and lose focus. Stamina is maintaining the strength, and courage, needed to stay focused when life has the potential to become overwhelming. 

That’s the thing, it takes stamina to maintain our focus. More often than not, people will share their negative experiences, before they share what is positive in their lives. This can be a struggle  to be around.

Stamina is not the ability to ignore or disregard what others say. True stamina, is knowing that you are the strongest when you are the most centered. In your example, staying centered is accepting that all people are doing the very best that they can, no matter what they say or think of themselves. When you see people through the eyes of your center, you see them through the eyes of love. 

What does love have to do with stamina? Love is the most powerful emotion that you (all people) will ever experience in the physical body. Love is not about tolerating someone’s negative words, or behavior. Love is accepting them into your life as equals, you are connected to each other through this powerful love. The need for stamina comes as you work to stay in this place of love, when others are acting in negative ways.

Earlier you spoke about staying centered, and now you mention staying in a place of love. Is there a difference?

There is not. To be truly centered is to be aware of and connected to the powerful flow of love that is within you. When you are in the powerful place of center, you will radiate love to all those that you encounter in your day.

That may take some stamina.

Yes, it may, but when you are in a place of true center, the aspects of life that may be overwhelming are no longer a distraction to you. As we have said, it will take stamina and courage to remain focused, but having stamina is a strength and not a weakness.

How do we develop our stamina to stay centered in the face of challenges?

As with any new practice, know that it will take small steps, in time you will reap big rewards from these first steps. When events turn negative, work at staying away from the negativity as long as you can. It is important to realize that you do not have to become involved in every negative experience that comes your way. There is great power in not reacting in a negative way. You do not have to think, speak or act in a way that moves you off of center. Remember, how you react to any situation is a choice. Your stamina to avoid moving off of center, will build as you remain in an emotional place of positivity, while others have walked down the path of negativity.

How will I know if I have enough stamina to handle a negative situation?

You will know by how the event unfolds. Questions to ask would be, “Did you maintain a place of center throughout the experience?” “Were there words spoken, that at one time would have upset you, but did not bother you now?” In these cases you can evaluate your behavior after the situation has passed, to see if you had the stamina to maintain your place of center. Remember, this will be a gradual process, because you will be constantly learning, as you maintain your place of center. As you do so, your stamina will strengthen, and your confidence in your ability to stay centered and positive will grow as well.

Any last thoughts on stamina?

This is all about how you maintain your place of center so the negative words, and actions of others do not impact your life in harmful ways. Stamina is the strength that will help you lead a life that is more peaceful and loving. Your stamina will strengthen with time, as will your inner peace, and powerful place of center.
It can be a challenge to maintain our stamina when trying to stay centered in an unpleasant situation. The power of negativity can be strong.

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Peace and well-Being.

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