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What reasons do you have to be thankful, the people in your life, or your health, to name a few? Giving thanks for the people and things we love is easy. We appreciate them in our daily lives so we express gratitude toward them. Yet, what about the challenges we have faced and overcome? Can we give thanks for them? Then there are the struggles we may be facing right now. Is it possible to give thanks for them as well?

If we were to look closely at our challenges and struggles, we may begin to see important lessons hidden within them we need to learn. What if we accepted that the lessons we learn from our challenges and struggles help us live better lives? Would we have the courage to give thanks for them?

I remember a time in my life when  making it through each day was a challenge. But as I look back I can see the resulting growth from those experiences. I can now give thanks for that time in my life and the things I had learned. In a way, I’m still learning from those experiences so many years ago.

It may be easy to give thanks for the events that changed our lives in a positive way, yet what about the people who taught us through their harshness or lack of compassion? Can we give thanks for them? If we accept that everyone we encounter in our day is a teacher with an important lesson for our emotional growth, we may then be able to give thanks for the lessons they have taught us.

When we shift our focus away from blame to gratitude, we take the pain out of the experience and begin to see the beneficial lessons. The idea of thanking those who harmed us may seem too painful. If so, can we thank ourselves for doing the best we could given what we knew at the time?

As is often the case with our pain, we choose to blame others. At the time it may be the easy way of dealing with our suffering. Yet at some point we have to move forward toward our own healing. This is our responsibility to ourselves, not that of others. The intention of a healing journey is to reconnect with our own source of love, our self-love. It is here in our healing where we join with this powerful source of love. No one can love us as deeply as we will love ourselves, once we connect with this love.

For one reason or another, we have been searching outside of ourselves for this love. We ask others to support us emotionally through thick and thin. We want others to change who they are to please us. Many times we even want those who harmed us to suffer as well. But these things will never bring us the true happiness our own self-love will deliver.

Over time I have learned, that if the behavior of others ruins my happiness then I have to ask myself why? Why do I allow them to upset me? Have I connected my happiness to the way they speak or act? If this is the case I will never be happy because they are going to do what they think is right for them, no matter what I say or do.

One way to counteract the negative impact others have on my well-being, is to love myself so deeply that no matter what they do, I still love myself. I love myself enough so whatever they do I can recognize the lesson, and then use what they have taught me to improve the quality of my life.

This shift in focus takes courage, but if our intention is to heal and be truly thankful for the life we have, we must learn to be thankful for the lessons hard times have taught us. In this place of gratitude we begin to live a life founded on the truth of our self-love. Now that’s a reason to be thankful.


No matter what day it is can we find reasons to be thankful?

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