A new definition for Selfishness

 The idea of being selfish can be repulsive for many people. We have been taught throughout our lives that being selfish is wrong as well as morally incorrect. With these powerful teachings, it is inconceivable that anyone could ever be selfish. 
 Is it selfish to want the best life possible? Is it selfish to enjoy good health? Is it selfish to want a loving, life partner? Is it selfish to place your needs first? Is it selfish to love yourself?  With a thorough examination, the answer to these questions would surely be, yes. Then why is the definition of selfishness so revolting to so many people? 
 The intention of this conversation is to open you to the possibility that when it comes to your best life possible, being selfish can have many benefits. Yes, selfishness is a hot topic to write about, but realize that for a truly better life experience, there needs to be some selfishness practiced within your daily life. If the belief that the path to happiness is through self sacrifice then this conversation will go against that powerful belief. To truly live the best life possible, is to ask yourself what are the most important desires for your true happiness. Yes, you may desire many physical objects, a large bank account, even a flaming red colored car, but realize that these things will not cause a true lasting, self loving happiness within you. To be selfish enough to ask for the best life possible is to ask to experience the true love that is within you. This self love can only be experienced through a selfish act to love yourself. From this self loving place, the flaming red car will be just that, a car that is painted flaming red and not a way in which you measure the value of who you truly are. 
 How can I love others while I selfishly love myself? When the desire is to selfishly experience your self love, there is little need to sacrifice yourself for the needs of those around you. When you begin to experience your self love, your desire to help those around you will now come from a place of true love and compassion, not a place of self sacrificing obligation. Yes this may seem like a fine line but trust that the difference is between loving yourself and sacrificing yourself. You will still be helping those in your life, only now you are beginning from a place of love, a love for yourself as well as a love for those around you. There will be no bitterness or resentment radiating from you as you willingly ask others if they need assistance. You now love yourself and from this place, this love will be felt by the words that you use, the actions that you take, as well as the thoughts that you think. Selfishly loving yourself allows you to begin to experience your life as you may never have before, through the true selfish love that you now have for yourself.
 Through the selfish act to seek and experience your true inner self love, the opinions of other people, as well as the negative self talk, will no longer effect you in a negative way. You will now experience these as just what they are, opinions that do not need much of your attention, because the love that you have selfishly sought is more powerful than allowing these opinions to effect you. 


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