False Beliefs

  I am learning that false beliefs are one of the things that can keep me from experiencing my true inner voice and my self love. What is a false belief, where do they come from and how are they created? A false belief is just what it sounds like, a belief that is false, here are a few examples: the moon is made of cheese and the Earth is flat. More importantly are the false beliefs that you may tell yourself, you are unworthy of a loving life experience, you are unworthy of the best life experience possible or you must sacrifice your happiness for the benefit of those around you. These and many other powerful false beliefs can be carried throughout a persons life. Through these false beliefs, you may begin to experience your life through these beliefs. False beliefs become powerful because you give your attention to them, repeating them so often, that they become the way in which you see the world around you.
 A false belief begins with the opinions of those around you. Science has proven that the moon is not made out of cheese, but you were taught this when you were a child. This is how false beliefs begin, opinions spoken as fact or something that was taught to you at a young age. Though they are untrue, as a child you knew nothing different, plus you trusted those that were telling you their opinion. Many opinions are directed towards you as a person:"she is very shy" "he is nothing but trouble" "you cannot sing very well." These opinions are very powerful, and they can form the way in which you see yourself. From these powerful opinions, they can become a false belief that becomes who you think you are. When it comes to what you say to yourself, you can add tremendous strength to a false belief. If you continue to repeat that you are unworthy of the best life possible, you will begin to live your life this way, thus creating your life experience through your false belief.
  It is important to examine your beliefs to see if they are holding you in one place on your life journey. It is important to realize that false beliefs are based on false information, they are not true for you. All people deserve the best life possible, even the people that upset you. When I examine my beliefs I often ask myself, is this belief based on love for myself and those around me? If a belief does not have a basis of love and compassion then it is a false belief, one that needs to be replaced with more loving and compassionate beliefs. Through an examination of my beliefs, I have come to know who I truly am based on what I know about myself and not based on the beliefs that were taught me by those around me.


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