Sharing the wisdom

  My bio. says, "sharing the wisdom spoken through my inner voice." What does that exactly mean?
 As I have said, our inner voice speaks to us through love and compassion, negative guidance is never given. This is how we can tell if the guidance is from our inner voice or our negative self talk. Each person will experience their inner guidance, their inner voice, differently. For some it is a gut feeling, for me it is a voice heard loud and clear, as long as I stay centered and balanced. My inner voice speaks to me in complete sentences, it is as if I am stepping aside and allowing the stronger voice to be heard. Each morning I sit at my laptop and write a conversation that involves me and my inner voice. For the last few years I have been having conversations everyday, translating these conversations as I type, then I print them for future reading. During these conversations I am so focused on receiving the conversation correctly that I have to reread them afterwards to understand their full meaning. Imagine two people sitting on the couch having a conversation, while one person types the conversation as it's happening, only there is one person sitting on the couch, not two. I understand how this idea may challenge many people, if it does, simply imagine that there are two people on the couch.
  Through our conversations we have discussed, self love, the power of our thoughts and words, well being, as well as forgiveness and self forgiveness. Each subject, is a powerful topic in its own right. With this direct connection, I can ask any question and receive an answer, when I need more clarification, I receive more information for a better understanding of the subject. Throughout these conversations I have grown in ways that, at one time were unimaginable to me in my past. There is never a subject that is off limits, whatever the topic I will receive full and complete answers. There are many subjects that do not interest me, so I do not bother to ask questions in these areas.
 This blog is about sharing what I have learned from my, loving inner voice. As I reread many of our conversations I feel that what I have learned may help other people as well. This is the purpose of this blog, to share the wisdom spoken through my inner voice.


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