Negative Self Talk

 Through my desire for a better life experience, I began to realize a negative voice within my head. I have learned that this voice is my negative self talk. I say "my" negative self talk, because each person will experience their own negative self talk. Negative self talk is the voice of self doubt, self ridicule and self hatred. Yes these are powerful words to be sure, but it is important to realize how self destructive negative self talk can be.
  Many people will tell you that you should clear your mind of any voice that speaks within your head. It is my belief that there is a voice within you that will only speak its love for you, this is your true inner voice, speaking through your self love. Negative self talk can be confused with your loving inner voice. Why?  Because few people realize that within them is this powerful loving inner voice. The reason for this is because negative self talk can be very powerful, so powerful that many times you can talk yourself out of doing something that will make you truly happy. Also negative self talk can convince you that something within you that you truly desire, is not worth pursuing. Negative self talk can also grow from many false beliefs that we carry within our state of being. Imagine a false belief as a seed of a negative belief about yourself. As the negative belief is repeated it grows in strength, as the strength grows, so will the strength of the negative self talk, it can grow to a point where you no longer trust yourself. Throughout all of this, your loving inner voice is drowned out by this powerful negative self talk.
  Throughout my journey for a better life experience, I have learned that I can question my negative self talk. When negative self talk enters my mind I ask "is this true for me?" I have realize that many of the things that I thought I could not do, were only false beliefs that were repeated through my negative self talk. Think for a moment of the false belief that get repeated through your negative self talk. Here were a few of mine " you will never accomplish anything in your life" "you should change to please me" lastly "you will never be able to build anything." Through asking myself if these beliefs are true for me, I have realized that these were the beliefs of other people that became my false beliefs, which in turn gained strength through my negative self talk.
  Negative self talk and false beliefs go hand and hand, supporting each other through our focus upon them. When I began to question my negative self talk, this powerful voice became a whisper and my loving inner voice became the way in which I see myself and the world around me. Negative self talk is just that, negative talk about yourself. Through your focus for a better life experience, you can replace this negativity with a more positive experience. An experience spoken through your loving inner voice.


  1. Wonderful, and so true. Negative self talk can be devastating.


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