Self Love

 Today is Valentine's Day. A day in which people show their love for those that they love. The question becomes, are people showing love towards themselves? Self love can be a very misunderstood subject, it can be confused with the ego, self sacrifice or even vanity. True self love is the love that you have for yourself, sounds simple enough. Yet why do so many people ignore this powerful love?
 There is much written on the benefits of self sacrifice, some believe that with this belief the path to true happiness can be achieved. The point that we would like to bring up is that through self sacrifice there is a sacrifice of self love also. Through this behavior, there cannot be any lasting love within yourself, or in your relationships. The idea of sacrificing yourself, your happiness, for the happiness of others can lead to much confusion as well as an inner discomfort. Through time bitterness and resentment can grow within, this bitterness can and will be felt by those that you are sacrificing your happiness for.
 On this Valentine's Day, it would be best to learn to love yourself first, then from this loving place there is no need to sacrifice your happiness. Your actions, deeds and thoughts would be based in true love without the discomfort of sacrificing your self, or your happiness. From this powerful place of self love, there will no longer be the need to seek love from those around you. You will know true love by the love that you feel for yourself. Imagine not constantly asking those around you to maintain your happiness. You can now accept the responsibility for your true happiness and not make this the responsibility of others. Then, their behavior becomes a reflection of their beliefs and not the way in which you maintain your happiness. If they are experiencing any negative emotions, you can stay balanced through your love for yourself. This does not mean that you are ignoring those around you, this means that you can now help them from a place of true love, a love for yourself that you can now share with others.
 Sharing your new found self love now becomes your new way in which you experience the world around you, as you will radiate this love through your thoughts, words and actions. There now becomes no need to sacrifice yourself for any reason, you can now give yourself freely, to any cause. Because you are now giving from a place of true self love and not one of self sacrifice.


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