Self Love

  Self love has become a new experience for me. In the past, I, like many people, would sacrifice my desires to please those around me. Sacrificing simple desires, even the ones that really mattered to me at the time. If my desires got in the way of the happiness of those around me, my happiness were set aside. Through the realization that I was not all that happy with my life, I decided to leave this unhealthy behavior behind and move into a more self loving place.
  Experiencing self love can begin with small things, one less cup of coffee, an afternoon nap, even a few minutes time taken to meditate. Anything that may bring some relief from a busy day, anything that may make you feel better about yourself, can be considered self loving. Through these small events, you will discover that there are many things that you can do for yourself to increase your awareness of your self love. Self love can also help you realize that the negative opinions of other people are just that, negative opinions. At one time, the opinions of other people were the way in which I saw myself. If I sacrificed enough for them, they were pleased with me and my life was fine, when they were dissatisfied with me, I wondered what more I could do to please them? In this new self loving place, I have learned to treat myself better by disregarding these opinions, thus I have begun to place my happiness as my new priority.
  Self love does not mean that I am ignoring my partner or those around me, self love allows me to love myself no matter what is happening in their lives. From this self loving place, I can then support them through their life experience, without asking them to maintain my happiness or having to sacrifice any aspect of my life. When I begin to experience my true self love, I then radiate this love to all those that come into my life. I have learned that I do not have to limit my love for myself or those around me. This powerful love is free flowing, as long as I stay true to myself, this love will be felt within me as well as those that I am with.
  In my new self loving place, there becomes no need for me to criticize others, I now understand that they are doing the best that they can with their current situation. As I do not want to be judged unfairly, in my new place of self love, I no longer have the need to judge others.
   As I learn to live my life through my self love, I have experienced fewer and fewer emotional swings. The actions of others no longer effect me as they have in the past, thus I can stay centered and balanced while increasing my awareness of my powerful self love.


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