The Power of Our Thoughts

  As I have learned to trust the guidance from my inner voice, I have also begun to understand the power of the thoughts that I think. Many people believe that their thoughts are random and that they have no control of them. But, what if we can change our life experience by changing the thoughts that we think? This idea can challenge the beliefs of many people, how can we change our thoughts for a better life experience? Let's look at a simple example: you drop toothpaste on your work shirt as you are getting ready for work. What happens next can either make your day flow smoothly or it can ruin the entire day, the choice is yours. Your reaction to toothpaste on your shirt will come from the thoughts that you are thinking about yourself at the time. Do you allow this to upset you and deepen your discomfort, or do you quickly change into a new shirt and move on with your day? The reasons for this example is to show you how you can allow the thoughts that you are thinking to control your life. If you set aside this inconvenience as just something that happens, you can then proceed with your day maintaining your good positive thoughts. If on the other hand you allow yourself to become upset and angry with yourself, then you have allowed the situation to control your experience. Through the realization that you are in control of your thoughts in any situation, you can quickly move to a better place emotionally when negative experiences happen. You can choose a better feeling thought.
  I have also learned, that negative experiences are placed before me as lessons that I must learn at that time in my life. If I choose to think of these events as lessons, then I will benefit from the growth that can come from a negative experience. If I choose to think of these events as roadblocks or something that is a struggle, then I will not gain the knowledge and wisdom that is there for me. Again, it is the thoughts that I think, about these negative experiences that determine the outcome. If I think of them as learning experiences, then I can quickly move to a better place emotionally. Yet if I think of them as just negative experiences, then they become just that, negative experiences that can cause much discomfort within my life.
  When seeing the positive lessons that come from a negative experience, I then stay centered and balanced throughout the experience. I can maintain my self love and happiness, and maintain my ability to stay focused through uncomfortable experiences, with the positive thoughts that I think.


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