What is my Inner Voice

  They're many questions that arise when I tell people that I hear my inner voice as just that, a loving voice. People have asked, how do I know if the voice is real and not my imagination? This is a question that I asked myself in the beginning of these conversations. My response may be too simple for many,  it comes from within me, it speaks and teaches through love and compassion, that is all that I need to know. When these conversations first began, I was filled with tremendous love, as if every cell in my body was experiencing love and joy. I have lived a very loving life and this experience was unlike anything that I had experienced before. As I learned to trust this voice, I began to learn more about myself and how I had allowed the world around me to control my emotions, my view of myself, meaning my self worth, even what I thought about those around me. Through the love that my inner voice speaks to me, I now stay balanced and centered emotionally in situations that at one time would have sent me into an emotional tailspin. It has taken time to trust this voice, but I now have no doubt of its authenticity or its love for me. I have since learned, that my inner voice is the voice of my self love.
  How can you experience your inner voice? Your inner voice may speak to you differently than mine, you may have a gut feeling, a tingling sensation throughout your body or you may hear a gentle voice. If there is any doubt as to whether you have an inner voice, trust that you do have one, though it may have been suppressed through self doubt, negative self talk or the opinions of other people. When you are seeking answers to a question, quietly ask yourself the question, what is the first answer that comes to your mind? Generally, this is the right answer to your question, this is your inner voice speaking you. Trust is built through seeing the result of following the guidance that was the answer to your question. What happens most of the time, is that we disregard this answer because we have been taught to trust the opinions of other people before we trust ourselves. This can cause much separation between us and the guidance that our inner voice speaks. As you begin to see positive results from following the guidance your trust will also grow in your inner voice. This cycle will continue and from this learning, following your inner voice will become the way in which you go through your day.


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