Desire for a better life

  Through a desire for a better life experience I became connected with my inner voice. What is my inner voice, you may ask? My inner voice is just like your inner voice, it is the true you, constantly speaking it's love for you. Though we may deny that this voice exists, trust that it does.
 Throughout our lives we have created many obstacles that overshadow our inner voice from being heard. One of the obstacles may be, our desire to please those around us while sacrificing our true happiness. Another may be that we have changed our behavior to be liked or even loved by the people that matter to us. Also, there are powerful false beliefs that prevent us from experiencing who we truly are. A false belief may be something negative that someone has said to us, about us many years ago yet we still believe. Yet for some reason we never challenge this false belief, it then becomes who we think that we are. Imagine, if someone told you that you are tone deaf and will never be able to sing well. Hear this throughout your life and you may begin to believe it, though you may never have questioned the truth of this statement. This is an example of how false beliefs can be created through the negative opinions of other people.  All the while you are disconnected from your true loving inner voice.


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