Writing in a journal

  Before I started translating these conversations with my inner voice, I was writing in a journal. This allowed me to write without concern for what I was writing, I just wrote. Whatever was happening in my life was the subject, happy or sad, angry or joyful, it didn't matter. Through these writings I was able to reread them and see if I was truly happy or not. In a way, rereading my journals was a way to look within myself and see what was really going on in my life. I could not sugar coat the honesty that was written on those pages.
  One morning I was writing in my journal, asking questions to myself, I had the urge to stop and listen for an answer. This was the day that I started to hear the answers to my questions, the day that I began to speak with my inner voice. What inner truths will you discover, as you begin the journey of writing in your journal?
  I would highly recommend that people write in a journal to help them sift through the noise that can happen within a persons life. Also, taking time for yourself to write, tells yourself that you are worthy of a little quality time alone. If you have nothing to write, write that "I have nothing to write today." This may sound odd, but trust that in a short amount of time, you will become more comfortable with writing in your journal. Many times I start my writing with writing about what I see out the window. This gets me into the writing mindset to write my thoughts and then the conversations flow easily.


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