A Conversation with My Inner Voice

 Many people ask me what is my inner voice? When I tell them that this voice is within me and it is always guiding me through its love for me, they question that also. Through these blog posts, I hope to help others with realizing their true inner voice as well.
 I have also said, that I can have a conversation with my inner voice, asking questions and receiving full, loving answers. I would like to share one of these conversations with you now. I will use italics for my questions and normal print for their answers.
 Why can it be so challenging for people to experience their true inner voice?
 There are many reasons for this, one that many people carry with them, is that they must always ask others for their opinion for guidance. Another, would be the constant negative self talk that people keep repeating to themselves. Either of these can be powerful deterrents that can keep a person from experiencing their true inner voice.
How does our trust in others over our trust in ourselves come to be?
This comes to be through the desire to please those around you when you were younger. As you learned to see the world through your eyes you may have made a few mistakes along the way. In these mistakes you were unsure how to proceed through life. This is where you began to ask others for their opinion as your guidance. Through time you gained more confidence in their guidance than yours.
 There must be more to it than that?
 Through trusting their guidance more than yours, you began to experience many situations that did not work out that well for you. This is where self doubt comes in, you begin to doubt their guidance and you also doubt your ability to make the right choices, from this experience negative self talk is born. Through all of this your true inner voice is buried under this course of behavior.
How do we move past this behavior to experience out true inner voice?
It is important to first accept that there is a loving inner voice within you. This voice may speak to you through your gut feelings, your intuition, or even a quiet voice. It is also important to realize that this voice is truly loving and compassionate. Never will you hear any negative words spoken through your inner voice. This is one way of truly knowing if the guidance is from your true inner voice. Realize that your inner voice knows who you truly are, there is no separation between you in your physical body and this loving voice. You are one. This is the reason that you will always be guided to what is exactly right for you at all times along your journey. It is worth knowing that this guidance is always right for you, if the guidance seems illogical this may be in your interpretation of the guidance. The reasons for this are that there are many outside influences that can effect your desires. These influences can and many times do, cloud your ability to hear and follow the guidance clearly.
It isn't just enough to hear the guidance, we must follow it also?
This is a powerful question, as the choice becomes yours to set your own direction. Our advice would be to examine the outcome of your choice, then see if following the guidance would have served you better.
Ask for guidance, hear the guidance, then follow the loving guidance.
Yes, a simple concept, yet when followed will change the course of the life that you are living. Please remember that this guidance is filled with love, kindness and compassion. This will be how you know it to be true for you.


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