Everyone is Doing the Best That They Can

  As I continue to write each day, I have found that I can also have a conversation with my inner voice at the same time. Through these writings I can ask questions and receive answers, which has helped me understand my relationships better. A new idea that was presented to me, was that everybody is doing the best that they can in their life.
 The idea that everybody is doing the best that they can, was something that I had never thought of in the past. I have realized that if I feel this way, then other people may feel the same way. I thought that this would be a good conversation to have with my inner voice. My questions will be in italics and the answers will be in normal print.
 Why is accepting that people are doing the best that they can so challenging for us?
There is much judgement within the human experience, this judgement blocks any true realization of what is going on within another persons life. Also, judgement assumes that you know more about what is going on in their life. Through judgment, you infer that this person should be doing better. The issue with this is that, you have no true idea of what is happening within them, only they know what is truly going on in their lives. When you say that someone should be doing better, you are saying this from your place of knowing and not theirs.
 I can understand that, but what about those that think that some people are just lazy? Doing the best that they can seems like an excuse to them.
 Lazy is the word that you use and it is a powerful word of judgement. Look at it this way, there may be many emotional struggles that they may be faced with that are unknown to you. They may also be very unhappy with their present life situation. There is also the option that they are lacking in enough self love to move themselves to a better place, emotionally or physically. These acts of judgement will hold you back from seeing them for who they truly are.
When you are having a rough day at work, do you want to be judged unfairly because of this one day? During your rough day at work aren't you doing the best that you can? When things are not going well for you, you can feel the negative judgement from those around you. Those that you judge as lazy can also feel this judgement. Through this realization that they are being unfairly judged they may begin to strengthen their negative self talk, thus allowing this judgement to impact their self love and self worth.
 What about those that are having a hard time accepting that all people are doing the best that they can.
When they begin to accept those around them with love and compassion, they will release their need to judge them harshly. One important thing to remember would be, if they could do better they would be doing better. Yourself included.

copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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