There is much written on the value of forgiveness, but how willing are we to truly forgive those that  have caused discomfort within us? Also, can we forgive ourselves for allowing other people to hurt us? What does it mean to truly forgive a person and what does it mean to forgive ourselves? Why forgive ourselves? Before I began speaking with my inner voice, I would have asked myself these questions also.
 Through my conversations with my inner voice, I have learned that forgiveness releases the person that hurt me from my life experience. I can truly forgive them, thus they are now a part of my past and no longer a part of my present moment. Even though they may have hurt me in my past, my continued focus upon them effects me in the present moment. Through this focus, I maintain the negative energy of the experience that caused me my emotional pain. As I learn to truly forgive, I then release them from my life and I can begin to experience my life without the negative energy of the event that caused me my pain.
 The act of true forgiveness is based on a desire to release yourself from the past and move into the present moment. This then allows you to experience your life as it should be without the veil of a negative experience effecting you right now. We use the word true, because many people will say they forgive, but they maintain the discomfort within them that the event has caused. To truly forgive, is to release the need to keep this event activated within their consciousness. To truly forgive is to move forward with courage and compassion as this event is no longer used to define who they are.
  There is also the importance of self forgiveness. The act of self forgiveness is a selfish act of self love. The desire is to release yourself of the burden that you have been carrying since the event that has caused you so much pain. Through self forgiveness you can release any second guessing that may come up as you remember events from your past. The reason that self forgiveness is a selfish act of self love is because it is all about you getting to a place where you are now experiencing who you truly are. From this loving emotional place you can now experience who you are without the negative event defining you any longer. You will begin to experience your life based on this deep self love, forgiveness will become a way in which you maintain your true happiness. Forgiving yourself and those around you through love, kindness and compassion.


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