More on Fear

 I have been impressed at how fear can control a persons life. There are the usual fears, spiders, snakes, even a fear of water. The fear that I would like to talk about with my inner voice is the fear of moving past our discomforts to a better place, whether it is emotional or physical. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my inner voice will be in normal print.

 Fear can be such a powerful emotion that prevents us from living a truly wonderful life. What is the basis of this fear?
  This type of fear is based on a person having little trust within themselves. Yes, they may feel confident in some aspects of their lives, yet in other areas, they are uncertain of which path to follow. There is also a lack of the courage that they need to overcome their fear. Many times their fear is based on their false beliefs, unsure what is right for them, because of the things that they were taught when they were a child. Imagine if as a child, they were taught that they were not tough enough or smart enough to accomplish their goals. Their powerful false beliefs, repeated enough, can build a level of fear that can be very challenging to break down. Though these beliefs are untrue, there is also a fear of challenging these beliefs. The thought can come to a persons mind "what if I try and I do fail, then I am not tough enough or smart enough, then my fear is correct." The fear of proving a negative belief can be powerful enough to keep a person from challenging their beliefs.

  A persons fear can be so powerful that they choose not to challenge their fear, for fear of proving their inability to succeed? That is a very powerful fear!
  Yes, but realize that if they do try to break away from their fear and fail, then this will make it harder to attempt anything new in the future.

 What about those that like what they believe and the way in which they are living, yet fear any thought of change?
 These people have become comfortable with the way in which their lives are being lived, they see little need to change. Their beliefs are so powerful that any idea of a different line of thinking causes them to become angry or irritated. Again, their fear prevents them from seeing a different point of view, for fear that their beliefs or their way of life, could be challenged.

  I know people that always speak of their fear, afraid of this, or afraid of that. What has been interesting for me is that, what they are afraid of they see throughout the world around them. Yet other people do not see what they see. Why is that?
  What any person focuses upon throughout their day is what they will experience. If these people always focus on what makes them afraid, then they will experience more of what makes them afraid. If they were to question their fear, this would make them even more frightened because they would be afraid of how they would experience their lives without their fear.

 Yes, this I understand, but a person must have the courage to challenge their fear before it can be replaced with a better life experience. 
 True, but their fear has been their underlying emotion for so long in their lives that they see little need to challenge their beliefs. Also they see the results of their fear throughout their day, so there will be very little desire to change. They see their fear everyday in the world around them, thus proving their fearful beliefs.

 To move away from the fears that are holding us back, we have to be willing to challenge our fears? In other words, we have to accept that there is something better on the other side of our fears.
 We cannot stress this enough, there is always something better on the other side of fear. Fear does indeed keep people in emotional places that prevents true, self loving growth within them. There will be times where their fear may have some justification, yet is important to remember that any fear held within for a long time will prevent a person from experiencing their true growth. It will also prevent a person from experiencing their true selves because they are afraid of what they will find during a true journey within.

 How do people resolve their fear so they can move to a place of knowing who they truly are?
 All people have within them a tremendous well of love and compassion, this is their self love and self compassion. To resolve their inner fear will be to replace their fear with their self love. The way to get to this point is to sift through their fear, negative self talk as well as the negative opinions of other people, this is where self love will be found. The other side of fear is true, powerful self love, as their trust builds with their self love their fear will diminish. Remember, fear has little basis in the truth, but self love is truth, self love is who people truly are, not fear.


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