Resolving Your Inner Fear

  While writing my conversation this morning, I became focused on fear, a powerful subject in any context, yet I thought that this would be a good subject to share. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my inner voice will be in plain text.
 Fear is such a expansive, powerful subject. Can we speak to how fear can keep people from living their inner truth?
 First, it must be realized that there are many roots to the fear that people experience within their day.  Our intention is to focus on why people allow their fear to control their lives. We use the word allow, because many people are so deep into their fear that they cannot see their way to a clear, self loving path. Yes, there are many people that are living in a true fear for their health, yet many other people are experiencing fear as a choice. It does not take much thought to look around and see those that are afraid of things that may never happen within their lifetimes, yet they speak of this fear constantly. From this fearful place, they are denying themselves a loving experience in the present moment. Their focus is on the fear and not on any of the positive experiences that are happening within their lives now.
 How does fear keep people from living their truth? 
 There are many cases where their fear has no basis in the truth. Their fear has gained strength through their constant focus upon it. When it comes to living a persons truth, there is also a fear of what their truth will be. While they are unsure what their truth is, they choose not to seek the answers for fear of what may come because of their inner journey. It must be said that any true journey within will bring this person face to face with who they truly are. It is also important to realize that all people are created through love and compassion. Coming face to face with themselves through a journey within is coming face to face with this true love. This love will be spoken through their true inner voice.
 Do people need to journey within to experience this love before they can release their fear?
 A true journey within can be accomplished many ways, meditation is one, writing in a journal then rereading them after some time will lead to clues as to what is truly going on within their life. Many people have a fear of this journey, they believe that their negative self talk is who they truly are. Their true selves can be realized as they begin to experience their loving inner voice. One of the easiest ways to experience this powerful loving voice is to focus on the voice within them that constantly speaks its love and compassion for them. From this place, the love for themselves will begin to replace their fear.
 How come there is so much fear when a true journey within is involved?
 For many people they have been believing their negative self talk as well as the negative opinions of those around them. This then becomes the way in which they see themselves as well as their world. There is also the belief that their inner voice will criticize them for the mistakes that have occurred in their lives. For many people, a journey within is a journey into the darkness of their past, this fear then keeps them from venturing any further.
 There is no darkness of our past, that will scare us from going any further on our inward journey?
 No, there is no darkness of their past unless they choose to see it this way. When a person begins to experience their true self love, spoken through their inner voice, they then begin to understand that their mistakes were meant as learning experiences. This awareness will bring them closer to who they truly are in this moment.
 I know that this powerful conversation will continue in the future. Are there any last thoughts on the subject of fear?
 Realize that there is much fear that can be washed away once a person realizes that their true selves, their true being, their inner truth, is based on love, kindness and compassion. This is their true foundation, once this awareness is accepted they can then replace their fear based life with one that is based on this true powerful love.


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