Throughout all of these conversations, there are always underlying emotions of love and compassion. Through these powerful positive emotions a trust has been built between me and my inner voice. This trust has allowed me to ask many questions that have eased the stress and uncertainty within my life. This trust has also caused me to realize that there are many questions that, for me, are not worth asking, this has also eased some stress. One question that I was asking when I began my Spiritual journey was "what is Spirituality?" Now that I have made the connection with my inner voice, I will ask the question again to share some insights with others.
 My questions will be is italics and the answers from my inner voice will be in normal print.

  I know many people that are seeking Spirituality to improve their lives, but what is Spirituality? 
 Simply put, Spirituality is the true connection, the true awareness, of the powerful love that created you, and all that you can see in the night sky and beyond. It is through the realization of this love that life begins to improve. This powerful love, if accepted within a persons being, becomes the way in which they experience the world around them.

 So, Spirituality is the realization of the love that created life, all of life?
 Yes, yet it is important to also realize that this love becomes the way in which you experience the world. The awareness of true Spirituality, is radiating this love for yourself as well as all those that you encounter throughout your day. True Spirituality cannot be reached if a person continues to harm themselves or criticize others.

 Spirituality in not just sacrificing ourselves for the benefit of others?
 No, there is no point in attempting to reach a Spiritual life through sacrifice. This may cause many to question our beliefs, this we understand. It must be known that a truly Spiritual life begins with accepting the love that is within all people. This self love then becomes the way in which the world will react to you. Let us explain, self love is the most powerful, lasting love that a person can experience. From this powerful place of love, any action meant to help others will come from a place of love and not from a need to sacrifice oneself. A truly Spiritual life, is a life that is lived through this love, being true to oneself, then sharing this love without expectation of any reward or return for this love.

 The word "true" is used a lot in this conversation, why is that?
 Many believe that Spirituality can be found through many man made means, drugs for one. A true sense of Spirituality can only come from deep within a person, not from a physical possession, or a physical action. There must be a true desire for a better life experience, before a Spiritual life can be lived.

 Why is that?
 Through the search for true Spirituality there can be many life changing experiences, these experiences may change a persons beliefs, thus causing a change within their life. Imagine experiencing the tremendous love that is within all people for the first time. This powerful love will be unlike any love that can be felt within the physical body. Through this experience will come many questions as to where this love comes from, and why have they not felt it before. These questions will cause a deeper desire to experience a Spiritual life, this may also threaten those around this person.

 True Spirituality is found within and is experienced through a persons self love?
 Yes, this is then the path to knowing who they truly are and their purpose in their life. True self love is radiated to the world and this love is reflected back to them, as the world will now be seen and experienced through love. Spirituality is knowing, experiencing and sharing this powerful, pure love.

 copyright Paul Hudon


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