Staying in an Uncomfortable Place

  I often wonder why we stay in situations that we know are not good for us? Whether it is a job that is not supportive, friends that do not make us feel welcome or a relationship that hinders our true growth and Spirituality. I must admit, that at one time in my life I have experienced all of the above. Painful to think about, but this blog is about sharing the wisdom spoken through my inner voice, which is also spoken through honesty and love. The question still remains, why do we stay in situations that are unhealthy for us?
  In a past post, we have discussed our desires to be liked by those around us, this can keep us in a place of discomfort. There must be a root to this behavior, do we change our behavior to please others, do we ask little of them in return for our loyalty, or do we desire these people as a measure of our self worth? I think that there must be more to it than being liked by other people. Do we lack enough courage to love ourselves, do we lack enough strength to leave an uncomfortable place, or do we just feel best living in an emotional place of discomfort? Leaving a friendship that does not bring true value to our lives may be a challenge, yet this action is best so we can begin to live our best life possible. If your first reaction to living your best life possible is doubt and hesitation, then ask yourself, why do you feel this way. Why would you deny yourself your best life possible?
 Years ago I realized that as I searched for my best life possible, this action made those around me uncomfortable. The more that I learned and expanded my life, the more uncomfortable they became. I learned that my growth caused them to be uncomfortable with themselves, thus making our relationship uncomfortable for both of us. Do I discontinue my learning to please them, do I allow their discomfort to change the course of my life, or do I choose to muster the courage to leave the relationship?
  As I experience these conversations spoken through my inner voice, I have realized that my true growth for a better life experience is my main priority in this life. I do not have to sacrifice what is true and right for me to please those around me. I can also choose to leave an uncomfortable place,  whether emotional or physical, to find the best life possible. I have also learned that if I am in a loving relationship then my partner will also seek their true growth. I will not attempt to stop them to please me or because I am afraid of their potential. When we encourage others to live their best life possible, then we are allowing them to move to a place, emotionally or physically, that will make them truly happy with themselves. If I encourage my partner to expand their knowledge for a better life experience, then there will be only joy and happiness as they seek their true happiness while I am seeking mine through this journey called life.

Copyright 2018 Paul Hudon


  1. A really good blog, makes one think a lot. Your Ma xx


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