Trust the Guidance

  As I continue to write my conversations with my inner voice, I am impressed by the depth of wisdom that is available to me. In truth, I have learned that this wisdom is available to all people, though many people seem to be blocking the powerful, loving wisdom. I thought that I would ask my inner voice, why do people block the wisdom that is available to them?
 My questions will be in italics and the answers will be in normal print.

 If wisdom is available to all people, then why do they block this knowledge?
First it is important to realize that many people are unaware of their potential to receive this guidance. They feel that either there is no guidance flowing to them or they do not deserve to hear this loving guidance. In a sense, they are blocking their guidance through their doubt that it exists. Also, through their busy lives, they are too focused on their responsibilities to take the time necessary to cultivate a relationship with their true inner selves, which is where this loving guidance originates.

 People need to cultivate a relationship with their true selves?
 If there is doubt that their inner voice exists, then there needs to be trust built between their physical lives and their true inner selves, their inner voice. Imagine the first time you meet someone new in your life, trust must be built before an honest relationship can develop. There is no difference with learning to trust the inner voice. Through this trust, one begins to gain confidence with the guidance that is spoken to them.

 Why don't we trust the wisdom that is spoken to us through our inner voice or our intuition?
 Many people confuse their inner voice with the negative self talk that they carry with them for many years. Their belief is that this negative conversation is their inner guidance. Negative self talk as well as the negative opinions of others can cause a person to not ask themselves for guidance, fearing that these voices are their voice of true guidance. It then becomes easier to ignore all of voices that they hear rather than sift through the noise to find what is true for them.

 Wisdom is spoken to us through our inner voice, yet how do we know if it is true?
 True wisdom spoken through the inner voice has a basis of true love, kindness and compassion. People will know what is truly right for them by how it makes them feel. Is the answer to their question, loving and kind, or is it negative, advising a course of action that does not have their best interest at its core? There must be a realization that the wisdom spoken through their instincts or inner voice is pure love and nothing else. Yes, this may be a challenge to sift through the negative self talk to find, but this is the voice of their true selves, guiding them to what is truly right for them.

 Since these conversations started, I feel that there are many questions that I don't need to ask. The ones that are the most important to me are the ones about Spirituality, self empowerment and self growth to name a few. Are there any areas of a persons life that are off limits when it comes to asking for guidance?
 No, there are no limits to what a person can ask their inner voice. Remember the answers will come in many different ways, maybe a gut feeling, an odd emotion, even a word spoken by someone that walks past them as they contemplate the question. Please do not become discouraged if the answer does not come in the form of a voice from deep inside their body. It is important to realize that every question that is asked is answered. There may be much going on within their day that may prevent them from feeling, hearing or seeing the answer. Do not become discouraged, it may take time to build this trust and begin to benefit from this powerful loving wisdom.

 Through these conversations I have been able to ask if a situation is right for me, and then feel my way to the right direction. If, after after asking question, I still do not feel right about all of the possible options, I then wait until a better solution is presented to me. Through the trust that I have with my inner voice, I know that I can wait until I feel its true loving guidance before I move forward. I trust the guidance and from this guidance my life unfolds smoothly and with great joy.

copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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