Underlying Emotions

 Through my conversations with my inner voice I have learned of my underlying emotions. What are underlying emotions? As I have learned, underlying emotions, are the basis of who we portray to the world, they are also the way in which the world experiences us. Our underlying emotions are reflected back to us by how our lives are lived. Here is a simple example, if you feel that you do not deserve a better job, then the job that you do have will be a challenge for you. The same is true for all aspects of your life. If your underlying emotion is one of dissatisfaction, distrust and a fear of disloyalty then these powerful emotions will be the energy that you radiate to the world, this is also what you will experience within your life. Underlying emotions are the emotions that create who you show to the world. They are also the emotions that you may not realize affect the outcome of many of your life decisions. If you feel fear throughout your day then this will effect the way in which you choose to live your life.
 Underlying emotions can begin as any physical or emotional pain that you may have suffered as a child. If you were physically punished in a dark room, being in a dark room can now create tremendous discomfort within you. Through time, this can become an underlying emotion that can effect you throughout your adult life. This fear can carry over into your relationships, thus causing unrest  or uncertainty in an intimate situation. One of the issues with negative underlying emotions is that there may be little remembrance of the event that caused the inner discomfort. Because of this resolving the issue can pose a challenge. Underlying emotions can also be created through false beliefs. These are beliefs that have been taught to us when we were younger, beliefs that do not serve us in a positive way, yet we were too young to question them. It is not hard to remember someone saying something to us that later in life we realized was untrue. If someone said that you were too poor to attend collage, you could believe this without question, thus creating an underlying emotion that you are too poor for a better life experience. From this powerful underlying emotion you may begin to believe that you are poor.
  How do we disarm our underlying emotions and replace them with more loving, positive emotions? First realize how your life is going, are things flowing easily with events always working out for you? Or is there struggle and hardship that seems to take it toll on you? Once you become comfortable with examining your life, you can begin to refocus on the positive aspects of who you are. As you begin this process, you will begin to discard the false beliefs and replace them with the love that you have always had for yourself, but this love was hidden behind these negative beliefs. As you build your focus on the positive aspects of who you are, you will also begin to replace the negative underlying emotions with ones that are based on your true love for yourself. Now you can experience your life based on an underlying emotion of love and compassion, thus effecting the way in which the world experiences you.


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