Allowing Ourselves to Experience Self Love

 Often times when I don't have any specific questions to ask my Inner Voice, I ask if there is anything that they would like to talk about, this is the case today. What would you to talk about today?

 Few people realize the tremendous love that is there for them, if they are willing to allow themselves to feel it. The love that we are speaking of can only be found within them, it cannot be found in material objects, a large bank account, or from those that are in their life experience. This love is more loving and powerful than any love that can be experienced from another person. Yet as we have said, people need to allow themselves to feel their self love. Why is this, you may ask?
 There are many times within the human experience where a person will behave in ways that are not pleasing to those around them. From this realization a person may become sad or upset that they have not caused others to be happy with them. This will also cause an inner discomfort within this person. This discomfort will cause this person to change their behavior to satisfy those around them, even if this new behavior changes the way they see themselves. What does this have to do with allowing this tremendous self love to be felt? As they continue to change their behavior to please others, they are also separating themselves from their inner truth. This separation will also cause them to distance themselves from the love that is connected with who they truly are.
 It is important to realize that who you truly are is based on this pure, powerful love, experiencing this love will change the way in which you see the world, as well as the way in which the world sees you. Through the journey to experience who you truly are you will release many false beliefs, these are beliefs that are not your truth. If a person changes their behavior to please others, this is a false belief. It may sound like this, "I need to change what is right for me to experience the love that other people have for me." The reason for this change is because they expect the love from others to fill the void that is within themselves. The more a person changes who they are to please others, the further they move away from experiencing their true love for themselves.
 There may come a time when changing themselves to please others becomes just too painful to continue. From this powerful place of change, the journey to find their true selves will begin. While on this journey a person will begin to release many of their false personas, as if they are peeling away layers of who they became to please other people. Though at times this may become painful, the joy of finding their true selves and the powerful love associated with this discovery will erase any self doubt or hesitation that may have arisen during the journey.
 Once this powerful love is experienced there will no longer be a need to change who they are to please others, their new life will be centered in this love. They will also realize that no other person or thing can come close to supplying the love that they now allow themselves to feel each and every day.


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