Guidance and Staying Centered

 Through all of my morning conversations I have been encouraged to stay focused on the true guidance that is always flowing to me. When I am focused, the guidance is leading me to what is truly right for me. But when I lose my center, the guidance still flows to me but I block it through being off center. I thought I would ask my Inner Voice for clarification.

 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why do people separate themselves from their true guidance when they move emotionally off center?
  First it is important to realize that true guidance flows to people all of the time. There is never a time when this guidance does not flow to all people on your planet. People would disagree with this, yet it must be known that it is their beliefs that prevent them from experiencing their true guidance throughout their day. Also, true guidance is only spoken through love and compassion, when a person is experiencing any negative emotion or negative life experience they are blocking their guidance. This is the importance of maintaining a place of center. This powerful place is where a person is the most connected with who they truly are, connected with their true selves.

  What other influences can cause a person to separate themselves from their true guidance?
  Any focus on negative words, thoughts or actions can and will cause a person to separate themselves from their true selves. Realize that the true essence of any person is love, kindness and compassion. When a person behaves in a negative way, says negative words, even thinks negative thoughts, they have become disconnected from their true essence, their true selves. In this negative place they are no longer open to the positive guidance that will help them move out of their negative state of being.

 We speak of guidance often. Why is that?
 Imagine your true inner guidance as a guidebook for all of the questions and difficult situations that come up in your life experience. Your true guidance is meant to guide you to what is always right for you in every situation and every decision. When a person moves closer to their true center, they will experience their guidance more powerfully than when they are off center. In a place of true center, guidance will come quickly and challenging decisions will be answered for their best interest.
 We speak of staying centered to receive the best guidance, because there is no other person that will have the truly loving, honest guidance that your inner voice will have for you. When you are centered, this powerful guidance will aid you in every choice that you make throughout your day.

 There are many negative things going on in the world, how can I stay centered with all that is going on?
 This is a powerful question. Realize that there are many events that you can do nothing about, though you can change your attitude towards them. When a person is centered and focused, they are connected to their true essence which, as we have said is love, kindness and compassion. From this connection these powerful positive emotions will radiate out to the world. Though you may not think that you are that powerful as a single person, when many people focus on their true essence of love and kindness, this energy will cause a more positive effect on the planet than focusing on the negative and expecting a positive change.

  Staying centered and following my true guidance is that powerful?
  Yes, of course. The reason for this is because, all that you can see and deep into the night sky, was and is, being created through pure love. Staying centered and receiving guidance from your true inner voice, connects you with this powerful love. When you are truly centered you are one with this love.

 copyright Paul Hudon 2018


  1. Dear Paul, enjoying your blog. Yes there is a beautiful place within, where one does not view things from the personal ego. I find this a true place of guidance as your inner guidance has said and all of us have the ability to listen to that still small voice within. Sometimes it is not a voice but a deep feeling, a knowing, a visual that creates a direction for you. Spirit is always working for you trying to show you the way but if you are not aware you may miss the opportunities. If one can be thankful, and enjoy the moment it quickly puts you in that center where communication comes easily. This is where I go when I want to receive messages from Heaven. Thank you for your blog. It is wonderful to read, and remember. It is good to catch myself when I get deep into my human energy forgetting to stay in my center and know who "I truly am." Sincerely, Niki


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