Living Through Cliches

 I have been thinking of the power of the words that we use, many times without much thought. This has lead me to think of the cliches that we commonly use and possibly live by. I thought that I would seek further guidance from my Inner Voice on this subject.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

  I understand that our words have tremendous power in forming our life experience. Do cliches have the same effect on our lives?
 All words have power in a persons life development, cliches are phrases that people focus upon repeatedly. The constant repeating of the cliche can attract that which is the essence of the cliche, into a persons life. Because of this the cliche can, and many times does have an influence in a persons life.

 So I repeat a simple cliche, maybe it's funny, maybe it's the truth. What's the harm?
The harm begins when the cliche becomes the way in which life is viewed, as well as lived. If a cliche is repeated enough it can be the only way in which a person experiences life. Also the harm comes from living life through the cliche and not through living the truth that is within all people.

 I remember when I accepted a cliche as a way in which things just were. Only later after challenging my belief in the cliche, did I realize how wrong and harmful the cliche was for me. 
Few people realize the power of their focus, whether it is on their words or the thoughts that they think and believe. A simple cliche can cause a person to focus more on the cliche than focus on what is truly right for them. Imagine a cliche as a belief that goes unchallenged, yet it has a powerful influence on the outcome of a person life. It is not until a person realizes that the cliche has no truth for them in their lives, that a person begins to question the validity of the cliche.

 It all comes down to questioning the words that we use doesn't it?
Many times there is no need to question the intention of the words that people are using, as long as these words are spoken through love, kindness and compassion. When it comes to a cliche, often these are created by others without much regard for their truth or how they may effect those around them.

When I focus on my inner truth, I realize that there are few cliches that are true for me. From this realization I try not to repeat words that are not where I am on my present journey.
It can be a challenge to examine what is said and believed, if tremendous focus has been placed upon it. When a person accepts their truth and begins to live through their truth, the use of common cliches will now become a thing of their past.

Speaking my truth is accepting who I truly am and from this place, I will not need to live my life through what cliches those around me believe?
Your life is your responsibility and yours to live. If living through the belief in a cliche is who you truly are, then live it. If not, then disregard the need for cliches and begin to live your truth.

copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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