Open to Receiving

 In my yoga session today our guide gave us a mantra to focus upon throughout our time together. The mantra was, "I am open to receiving." This mantra can be very powerful for many people "I am open to receiving." What does this truly mean? I thought that I would ask my Inner Voice for any insights that they may have.
  My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

  What am I really saying when I say "I open myself to receiving?"
  This mantra allows the speaker to accept that there is guidance outside of themselves to receive. There would be no sense in repeating this mantra if there was a belief that there is no guidance. There must be a belief that guidance can be received by any person that is willing to accept the guidance.  When this mantra is spoken a person is truly saying "I allow myself to accept the guidance that is flowing to me."

 Why do we have to allow ourselves to receive guidance?
 There are many people that block their ability to receive their true guidance. As we have spoken of, a person must believe that guidance flows to them. There is much written, that says to receive guidance a person must accomplish many tasks to achieve a higher consciousness, which allows a person to be in tune with the message. This belief will cause a person to block the very guidance that will help them release this block. One of the more powerful blocks to becoming open to receiving guidance, is when a person does not feel that they are worthy of receiving guidance. This powerful false belief can keep a person from experiencing many of the benefits that occur when guidance is received.

 We block our own ability to receive guidance?
 Yes, of course. Receiving guidance is the same thing as understanding instincts. Instincts are guidance, but in present day society there is little emphasis on this valuable skill. Also guidance flows in many, many ways, it is up to the individual to see the guidance then interpret the message. If there is a true belief that a person can open themselves to receive true, loving guidance, then this person will experience guidance throughout their day.

 Does true guidance flow to people all of the time?
 Yes, true, loving guidance flows to people, constantly. Receiving and understanding the guidance is the responsibility of the individual.

 What is this guidance telling us?
 This guidance is guiding you to all that you are asking for in this lifetime. Through the true emotions that you feel, you will know the answers that you are seeking. It is also important to realize that all questions for guidance are answered, it is up to the individual to remain open to receiving the message.

  Is this a good mantra to repeat to oneself?
 This is a very good mantra to repeat to oneself, especially when a person is in a challenging situation and their focus is waning. This mantra will help a person regain the focus that will allow them to experience the message that will benefit them at this time.

 copyright Paul Hudon 2018



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