Seeking Center

 As I learn from these conversation, I am realizing how I allow the events of the world to affect my place of center. Though we have talked about staying centered in past conversations, I thought that we could expand on the subject. 
 My questions will be in italics and the answers will be in normal print.

  I have been wondering about the difference of staying centered and pushing past our discomforts? It seems that when I push any subject in my life, I move off center. Why is that?
 First it is important to realize that when you are in your place of true center, you are the most receptive to the positive guidance that will help you with what is happening within your life. The need to push past your discomforts, comes from a place of judging yourself as not doing enough to create the best life possible for yourself. The feeling is, that the truth that you are seeking is on the other side of your discomforts. From this place, the lessons that are needed to truly expand as a person are pushed aside in an attempt to move past the discomfort. 

  That is a lot to take in. When I feel that I have to push past my discomfort I am judging myself as not doing enough to improve my life?
 Please realize that any discomfort that you experience in your life is a lesson in disguise. This lesson is meant to cause true growth within you. If you were to push past the discomfort, you would also be ignoring any of the positive lessons that would be of tremendous value to the true happiness of your life. 

  How does self judgement come into play?
 The act of self judgement is an act of telling yourself that there are deficiencies within your life that must be attended to. As you push through your discomfort, the belief is that what you are seeking to ease the discomfort is on the other side of your discomfort. Yet if this is the belief and the lessons are not learned, the discomfort will continue to appear in your life until the lessons are learned. 
 To return to your initial question. When you push through your discomfort you are ignoring the guidance that will help maintain your true center. This is the place where you are the strongest, as well as the most clear as to how to handle the discomfort that is before you. When you force or push a subject you have moved off center because you feel that following your guidance is not important. As we have said, when you are centered you are the most receptive to the guidance that will help you through all of the discomfort and situations that may appear in your life.

 Do I have to dissect my discomfort to see the lessons?
 Many times the lessons are too deep within the discomfort. If you have been centered for a while within your life, it may be easy to see the lessons. If staying centered is new for you, then it may be best to write your thoughts in a journal. Realize that you can add force or push to the resolution as you attempt to dissect the discomfort. The answer to the discomfort will come easily if you maintain your center where the true guidance will be at its strongest.

 If I experience discomfort, then return to center quickly, I will have the guidance to work through the issue?
 Yes, realize that the more focus you place on the discomfort the harder it will be to return to center. When you focus on any discomfort or negative situation you are adding your energy to it. This energy can be better used by returning to center then becoming aware of the guidance that will be a benefit to the resolution.

 I will be in a better place if I stay centered, which will allow guidance to flow that will help me with my discomfort ?
Yes, staying truly centered is that powerful.

 copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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