Synchronicity or Chance meetings

 I am always amazed when I hope to see a friend in town and they appear at the right time and place for us to meet. Many would call this synchronicity, others just a chance encounter. But as I look back over many years of life, I am realizing that there is much more to these meetings than just chance. I thought that I would ask my inner voice for clarity on this subject.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my inner voice will be in normal print.

 Why do people feel that a chance meeting of a friend in town is just that, a chance meeting? Though, there seems to be more to it than that?
  It is important to realize that many people believe that they exist within the world separate from any  connection with the other people around them. They believe that there is no common energy that is radiated or felt by other humans. When they are thinking of a friend and they see them in town they believe it is by chance and good fortune. Unknown to them is the energy that they radiate will draw these people into their lives.

  The energy that I radiate draws people into my life. How is that? 
  First it must be accepted that people radiate the energy of who they are, as well as the energy of their emotions and desires. It is also important to accept that this energy can be felt by other people. It is not uncommon to hear people talk of how they were drawn to a person or they felt comfortable with a person's energy. This is the energy that we are talking about. If a person is radiating love and compassion they will attract people with similar energy into their lives. Have you ever noticed that when a person is depressed and feeling isolated, they cannot find another person to comfort them? This is because the energy that they are radiating is based on these powerful negative emotions.

 Yes, but how does this affect our seeing a friend that we wish to see in town?
 The positive energy that is radiated from people travels out to the world around them, this energy connects people with people. This connection is very powerful and can cause people to almost walk in to each other as they set about their task in town. Remember that like energy attracts like energy, so too is it with seeing a friend in town, they have been thinking of the other person as well.

  That can be a challenging concept to accept, that I radiate energy and it can be felt by other people, thus connecting us as we travel through town.
 When you meet someone in town that you have been thinking about, you call it synchronicity and don't give much more thought than that. But you must realize that there is much more going on in the nonphysical world than you can imagine. The purpose of these meetings are for you to gain the wisdom and guidance that you need from this person. These chance meetings are meant to happen for you and the other person.

  So I accept that people radiate energy, and that chance meetings are not just synchronicity, they are meant to happen. How can I use this new awareness to help me along my journey?
 You can use this powerful awareness as a way to ask for events to work in your favor. You could ask, and believe for the right people and information to come into your life experience that will help you along your journey. The positive energy that you radiate will go out to the world and return to you in  the form of many benefits, if you believe that there is much more going on in life than just synchronicity and chance meetings.

 copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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