Guidance, Instincts and Gut feelings

 There have been times in my life when I was unsure of the guidance that I was receiving. I wanted to go one way but my gut feelings were telling me to go another. Though I felt the discomfort, it was only while I was in the emergency room did I make the connection between my gut feeling and the final outcome.
 Though we have spoken of guidance in the past, I thought that it would be a good conversation to revisit. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Where do gut feelings come from?
 Gut feelings are guidance from your inner voice. Imagine that you have a twin in the nonphysical  realm that is a part of you. This twin is constantly speaking to you through its love for you, speaking to you through your gut feelings, your instincts, or your inner voice.

 What is the importance of instincts and gut feelings?
 In humans, as well as all beings on your planet, instincts are meant as survival mechanisms. When any being senses danger, their instincts send them a message to become aware of their surroundings. This message may be to run or fly away, in humans, the message is to pay attention to their current course of action. In present day society the importance of following instincts and gut feelings has been set aside as the rush of life takes precedence.

  I can understand that, but there is little that will jump out of the jungle and eat me in my life.
 Though this may be true where you are living now, realize that your twin in the nonphysical continues to speak to you through these feelings. As you have said earlier, when you went against the uncomfortable gut feeling you would end up getting injured. Though nothing jumped out of the jungle, your instincts were attempting to guide you away from your chosen decision. It is important to realize that any gut feeling, or inner discomfort, is your nonphysical twin working at getting your attention to maintain your health and safety.

  The nonphysical twin idea is a bit of a challenge for me, can you explain further.
 All beings are energy, this energy transcends life and death in the physical body. This means that before you came into your current physical body you were nonphysical, eternal, loving energy. When you chose to come into your physical body through birth, a part of your eternal energy remained in the nonphysical, this is the nonphysical twin that we have been speaking of. Though this may be a challenge to understand, it is through this powerful, loving connection with the nonphysical part of you where your instincts originate.

 When my physical body stops working, what happens to this energy?
 When your physical body dies, your energy will return to pure, loving, eternal energy. You reconnect with the nonphysical part of you, that has been guiding you throughout your physical existence.

 What then?
 You not only reconnect with the nonphysical part of who you were, you reconnect with the nonphysical energy of all humans and beings on your planet. Through the transition process (when you body dies), you again become one with the loving energy that has created you and all that you can see around you, as well as all that you see deep into the night sky.

 If this loving energy is so big, so vast, then why does it care about my health, advising me through my gut feelings and instincts?
 One simple word will say it all. Love. All that you can see in the universe has been created through love. This love transcends any barrier that humans place in their way to prevent them from feeling this powerful love. Your gut feelings, your instincts, are the voices of this love, guiding you to a better, safer, happier life experience. Also this loving energy connects all nonphysical and physical beings together. You are important because we are all one, to love you is to love all beings, we are all one, it can be no other way.

 You are saying that my gut feelings are spoken through the powerful, loving energy that has created the universe and all that is in it?
 Yes, that is what we are saying. You have been created through this love and your gut feelings and instincts are guiding you through this powerful love.

   copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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