Releasing Anger

 Years ago, I came to the realization that if I maintained my present state of anger, I would become the person that I despised. This powerful awareness caused me to rethink why I was angry, also whether being angry was of any value to my longterm happiness. I thought that I would discuss anger with my Inner Voice about why people feel a need to become angry with those they do not know, or have different beliefs than them.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 When I felt that I could become the person that I despised through my anger, what did that truly mean?
 Anger is a very powerful negative emotion, this is obvious. Yet anger can become a powerful need as well. Through this need, there must also be a cause for the anger. There becomes a need to be angry because of the cause. What you experienced when you were feeling anger towards another person, was your uncontrolled ego moving away from the love and compassion of who you truly are. In the act of anger, you have lowered yourself to the energy level of the person that caused you to become angry. When you said, that you could become the person that you had despised because of your anger, what you were really saying was that through your focused anger, you would move away from your inner truth and become a person living through your new place of anger.

 I have seen where a person is angry with another person because of bad behavior, yet their behavior towards this person is equally bad. The result is two people that are behaving badly and no person is choosing the higher place of love and compassion. That was my realization with my experience. 
 When a person acts badly, there is no point in moving to meet their energy level, though people believe that they must confront this person and set them straight. It must be accepted that no lasting good can come from confronting a person that has behaved badly. They may believe the their behavior is perfectly fine and that it is your belief that is wrong or off base. Any confrontation with a person towards their beliefs will come with some very powerful resistance. There will be no movement forward to neutral ground when any person is challenged on their beliefs. This challenge will only strengthen their beliefs, and your behavior towards them will also add strength to their resistance towards your point if view.

 If I express my anger towards a person that has behaved poorly, this will only make the situation worse?
 All people have beliefs that guide then throughout their day. These beliefs have been strengthened by the events of their life experience. Also people live through their beliefs, meaning that this persons life has been created through their beliefs, so they do not see their behavior as wrong or objectionable. They believe that it is you that is out of line with your need to confront them.

 What do we do when we see a person behaving badly?
 If necessary, call the proper authorities. The point is to maintain your center while being the voice of    love and kindness. This is not what you expected, but you must realize that by confronting the negative energy of someone that is angry, you are adding strength to their beliefs, whether you see these beliefs as negative or not.

 Basically, if I confront a person in a negative way that has behaved badly, I have become the person that I am confronting?
 Yes, you cannot maintain your true identity, of love and compassion, as you lower yourself to the negative energy of another person.

 What do I do then?
 It is always important to maintain your center through love and kindness. Only then will you be able to peacefully discuss different points of view with any person that has beliefs that differ from yours. No person will accept your point of view if you are shouting at them that their beliefs are wrong. This behavior will only add tremendous strength to their beliefs as well as their behavior.

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