Unlimited Possibilities

I have been thinking of all of the possibilities available within a persons life, yet they deny this belief. Why is that? I thought that this would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

Why is it difficult for people to accept that there are unlimited possibilities available to them?
First, it is important to realize that many people have been taught that life has limits. Yes, there are certain places in the world where there are less possibilities than others, though there are still possibilities for a better life experience. When a person believes that there are limits to life then this is what they will experience. It is only through a belief that life is limitless that a person can experience a limitless life.

There has to be more than a belief that life can have unlimited possibilities, for a person to live a better life?
Yes, of course. A person must be aware of their true desires and then follow the guidance that will lead them to fulfill these desires. Unlimited possibilities begin with a belief that anything and everything is possible. This powerful belief opens a person to seeing the possibilities within their life experience. Also this belief comes from a persons underlying emotions. Which means that if they were taught and believe that there is a lack of options in life, then this is what they will experience.
 It sounds as if it is only a matter of focus. Is this so?
For many people they need proof before they will change their way of thinking. A belief of unlimited possibilities comes from a place of challenging the belief that life is limited in scope. Whether the focus is upon unlimited possibilities or not, it is the belief that creates the life experience.

I can see that people may need proof to expand their belief in unlimited possibilities. 
Seeking proof can also cause some uncertainty, unlimited possibilities cannot be proven, because there are no limits to the possibilities. This is akin to proving that which has yet to be lived or experienced.

 I hadn't thought of it that way. How can a person live a better life experience through accepting that there are unlimited possibilities?
All subjects will benefit from the belief that possibilities are endless. If a person desires a better job, there are many ways to improve their education to accomplish this desire. If a person desires a loving life partner, this desire will come to fruition through the belief that the person that they seek will be found through endless possibilities.

That feels overwhelming, my life partner will be found out there in the realm of endless possibilities.
There must be a belief that these possibilities will come to be within a persons life. Yes, there are endless possibilities, but there must also be a belief that these possibilities are obtainable.

This an interesting thought, I must believe that the possibilities are obtainable before they can come to be. 
There is no point in focusing on the endless possibilities that can be lived within a persons life if there is doubt that they can be obtained. Let's say you have a belief that you can create a type of tool that has yet to be invented. Yes, the possibility exists that it can be created but there must be a belief that it can be created or it will never be created. Remember a belief adds strength to any desire, in the world of unlimited possibilities, a positive belief is the catalyst that cause the desire to match the possibility.

copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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