Reflections of Our Energy

 Imagine every person that we encounter in our day as a mirror of who we are. Their reaction to us will tell us what we are feeling, what we are experiencing in our day, and what hidden emotions we are carrying within us. Though this may be a new way of thinking about our interactions, it does cause a pause as to how we treat those around us, even those that we judge harshly. 
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why should we consider the idea that each person we meet is a reflection of who we are?
 It must first be accepted that all people radiate the energy of their emotions, their life situations, as well as their underlying emotions. This energy, positive or negative, will be felt within the people they encounter. Whether this energy is acknowledged or not, it is felt by all people. When we discuss the idea that all people are a mirror of who you are, we are saying, the energy that you radiate will be reflected back to you. If you are experiencing a positive loving day, you will experience positive loving people. Realize that the opposite is also true. This realization becomes an issue for people because many times their day is filled with fluctuating emotions. From these inconsistent emotions, they will experience inconsistent interactions with other people. 

  The energy we radiate is reflected back to us by how those we meet treat us?
 Yes, the best way to tell the energy your are radiating in your life is to examine how your interactions evolve. Are these interactions interesting and engaging, or are they irritating and filled with negative thoughts? Remember, this energy is felt by those around you, their reaction to you is your energy effecting them, whether positive or negative.

  You have spoken of our inconsistent emotions and how they will produce inconsistent encounters. How can we change this?
 People believe that their emotions are based on events within their life, in some cases this is true. What most people do not realize is, they allow the events of their day to effect them. It must be understood that people can prevent their emotions from being controlled by outside events. When there are large emotional swings within a persons day, they are allowing this to happen. 

  How can we control our emotions? Won't this behavior make us insensitive?
  When we speak of controlling emotions, we are speaking of knowing that people do not have to allow the experiences of others to upset them. Through realizing the love that is within all people, there becomes no need to become involved in the negative situations that can come along in a day. Focusing on a negative experience will cause people to radiate negative energy, remember focusing on a positive experience will maintain positive energy. Focusing on negative energy and experiences, will block people from feeling the true love that is within them. 

  It would be better for us to focus on the love that is within us, and from there, we will have more consistent encounters throughout our day?
  Through a continued focus on the love that is within all people, this love will be the energy that is radiated, which will be reflected back as love.
 Basically, be love, and experience love throughout the day. What about challenging times?
 The answer to your first comment is, yes, be love, and experience love as a reflection of this positive energy. To your question, when a negative experience occurs it is best to find this inner love and work to strengthen your ability to ignore the negative energy. Always remember, the energy that you radiate will be the way in which you experience the world around you.

Copyright, Paul Hudon 2018


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