Self Doubt

 I have been experiencing some self doubt lately, funny coming from a person that receives guidance from his Inner Voice in full sentences. I was surprised at how quickly self doubt can overtake a positive attitude. As I am feeing this way, I thought this would be a perfect subject to have a dialog with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why does self doubt become so powerful, so quickly?
 Self doubt is a quiet, negative emotion that can gain momentum very quickly. It begins slowly without much notice, a misinterpreted word, or action, can be the birthing place for powerful self doubt. It can also come from a false belief that festers and has yet to be challenged or released. The speed at which self doubt grows is proportional to the focus that people place upon it. In other words, when a person places powerful focus upon their budding self doubt, they are feeding it the energy needed for it to become a powerful case of self doubt.

 Self doubt becomes powerful because people focus upon it?
 Any emotion, positive or negative, will become a powerful emotion by the focus that is placed upon it. The important difference between positive emotions and experiencing self doubt, or any negative emotion, is negative emotions are easier to maintain and harder to release than those emotions that are positive. Meaning, negative emotions occur without much focus, positive emotions require focus, the reason for this, is because it is easy to see and hear of negative experiences going on within the world around you.

 It sounds best to stop the self doubt before it becomes something real and threatening?
 Yes, it is best to stop this negative emotion from taking over your well being. It must be realized, many people are not aware of their emotions as guidance. Self doubt begins with a feeling of not being worthy of a better situation. If there is an awareness of emotions as guidance, the first hint of emotional discomfort would be the time to refocus on a more positive, self loving thought. When emotions are seen as guidance, any negative emotion is a sign that this person has lost focus in their realm of positive emotions.

 Are you saying that before a person experiences self doubt there are other negative emotions that would be a signal that a person is not focused?
 Yes, realize that a persons true place of center, are the emotions of love and compassion. When these are not the dominate emotions, this is a sign to become focused on more positive emotions as well as better experiences. Self doubt begins with other negative emotions, these emotions are a reminder to refocus attention on more positive emotions.

 This sounds rather simple, but my self doubt was deep. What then?
 In truth your self doubt was deep because you allowed yourself to be pulled into its momentum. If you had become aware of the first hint of negativity, you could have refocused to more positive thoughts. It is all a matter of focus, emotions speak to people all of the time, it is through focus that a person receives the information intended to be the guidance from their emotions.

 Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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