The Power of Words

 It won't take much to look around today and realize the power of the words we use everyday, many times without thought or consideration of their impact on other people. Though, there are times when we intend for our words to have an impact. With these thoughts in mind I thought this would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 People tend to underestimate the power of their words, why is this?
 In the time in which you live, people are bombarded with words and images from many different sources. It can be difficult to stay centered as a person moves through their day. Many of these words and images can be very negative, causing a separation between what these words mean, the emotion associated with them, and a desire to stay positive. Through this behavior, the words and images are still powerful, but the emotions felt by people are blunted as a way to protect themselves.

 Are you are saying, that people become numb to the power of these words and images?
 Yes, when a person is subjected to many negative images and words, they become desensitized, in turn, they also become desensitized to the words they speak. As time passes, their words become more powerful so they can make their point. What they fail to realize, is that the words that they are using are inappropriate for the message they are attempting to share. This is where the intention of their message comes into play. Intention, in this case meaning, the power behind the word, adds tremendous strength to the word. For example, a common word spoken with a powerful negative intention will be felt on a deeper level than just the common word. It is the intention behind the word that is the root of discomfort that causes people to become numb to powerful negative words.

  In this case the word is heard but the intention is felt, causing people to react as they do?
 Yes, but realize, through the nearly constant exposure to negative words, people become accustomed to their effect on their life experience. Their level of comfort changes as they continue to hear and speak with tremendous negativity, yet they don't realize this pattern within their speaking habits. Remember, as time passes, the strength of the intention has to grow as people become more desensitized to what they hear and see in the written word.

 That is an interesting point, the intention has to gain strength because people are desensitized to what they hear. I never would have thought of that.
 When people hear words that are revolting to them, they do what they can to ease any discomfort they experience. But when they hear a common word with a powerful negative intention, they will feel the word before they realize the intention of the spoken word.

  People feel the intention behind the spoken word, before they comprehend the meaning in a negative message?
 Yes, the intention will be experienced sooner and on a deeper level than just the definition of the word.

  I'm still thinking of how people have to increase the intention, so other people can hear their point clearly.
  This is a powerful point that few people understand. People have become very desensitized to the words that they speak and hear because the intensity of the intention has increased throughout time.

 Do we change this or do people just accept this?
 There is little one can do with the words that they hear. When a person becomes aware of their words as well as their intention, this will ease any discomfort that they may feel when they speak. Through this awareness the words that they speak will be genuine and those that hear these words will hear the authenticity.

 copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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