Through all of my conversations with my Inner Voice, the importance of focus has always been an underlying theme. It can seem challenging to reach and maintain focus during a busy day. Yes, there are many distractions in life, but the focus I am asking about is the focus to make our lives the best possible. Why do we choose to focus on things other than our main priority, us. To answer these questions, I thought I would ask my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics while the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why is focus so important to our happiness?
 There are people that believe life happens to them, and their experience is a result of this belief. What they fail to accept would be, if they were to focus on their emotions, they would see a connection between their life experience and the emotions they radiate. Though this takes focus, this is a sure way to learn what they are predominately thinking. It is important to accept that a persons life experience is a reflection of their thoughts, and from these thoughts their life is created. If they were to focus on the quality of their thoughts, they would begin to experience a better, more satisfying life.

 I need to focus on a better life, before I can live a better life?
Unless you want to live a life of pure chance, then learning to focus on a better life is important. There will be times where relaxing and allowing life to flow past can be a desirable place to be. But, to live the true life you have intended, then there needs to be some focus placed upon your life.

 What do I have to focus upon for a better life?
 First it may be important to focus on a better life and accept that you have control over the outcome of your day. If a person accepts that their emotions create their experience, then it would be advantageous for them to become conscious of their thoughts and the emotions that are radiated because of them, then focusing on the outcome of their thoughts and emotions. It is the outcome of events in a persons life where they can tell if they are focused or not.

 There must more to it than focusing on our emotions?
 There are many things to focus upon for a more satisfying life, though people must learn, what a more satisfying life is for them. By learning to focus on their positive desires, a person will be guided to what is true and right for them. Never underestimate the power in your ability to create a better life through the strength of your focus. Remember, your emotions, as well as the outcome of any experience within your life are guidance. If you have a negative encounter in your day, this is guidance, directing you to a better life through the lessons of the experience. The important thing to remember is to focus on the outcome, as well as your reaction to the situation, from here you will learn if you are focused on a positive life.

 Could you speak more about my reaction to events as guidance?
 People will experience an event in their lives and react in either of two ways, first with focus and a positive attitude. The second would be, reacting with many of the negative emotions that will throw them off balance, thus denying themselves the very guidance needed to handle the experience in a positive manner. When a person is focused and centered, they can control their behavior and reactions  to any situation they encounter. From this powerful place, they are allowing their focus to guide them in a positive direction for the best outcome possible.

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