Guidance Through Our Emotions

 My last post was about kindness and how the emotions we experience effect our ability to share this powerful act of love. I would like to continue that thought and discuss how our emotions can be a clue into our state of mind. People believe that emotions are reactions to events in their lives, in some cases this is true. What if we shifted our beliefs and accepted that emotions can be guidance that can direct us throughout our day. I though this would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why is it important to accept our emotions as guidance?
 Many times people allow themselves to be controlled by their emotions. If they have a negative experience at work, they allow the negative energy to control the rest of their day. From this experience their emotions are controlled by the negative energy. When a person begins to accept their emotions as guidance, they can examine what they are feeling and readjust their attitude. If the human intention is to maintain a positive state of being, then paying attention to their emotions will be beneficial to their happiness.

 What are the mechanics of seeing our emotions as guidance for our happiness?
 There are many levels of energy within the emotions people will experience within their lives. This energy radiates out from you to all those you encounter in your day. When emotions are accepted as guidance the energy of the emotion will effect you on a physical level. If you were to focus on the physical sensations while in anger or happiness, you would see a dramatic difference in these two powerful emotions. The energy of the emotion will effect you on a very deep level within you, and can affect your health in the long term. Emotions as guidance is your way to follow your way to better feeling thoughts and actions. When you shout at your puppy, deep within you will be the feeling of regret for raising your voice at the puppy. But when you express love for the puppy, you will feel love deep within you as well. The difference between these two emotions will be what you radiate out to the world.

 I'm still stuck on how emotions can be seen as guidance. What can we do with this guidance?
 When you realize that you are angry at your puppy, there are many emotions between where you were and the anger you are experiencing now. As you traveled through this range of emotions, you could have put a stop to the downward spiral had you been aware of your emotions as guidance. When you experience the first hint of any negative emotion, this is your cue to refocus on a more positive emotion. It is much easier to stop the momentum at irritation than it is to stop it at anger. Have you ever noticed how people that get angry seem to be overly angry at the slightest thing. This is because they have allowed their anger to gain momentum quickly with little awareness that they can control this landslide of negative emotions. 

 Help me understand this, if  I'm in a situation where I get upset quickly and anger follows, what can I do about this, don't all people get angry?
 Imagine, joy at the top of an emotional scale and every other emotion on the scale below joy. True joy is the place people strive for, this is a place of complete bliss. If your emotions are not moving you in the direction of bliss, then you are allowing life to control your emotions. When you accept your emotions as guidance, positive or negative, you can then learn to adjust your state of mind so your life will move towards the place of emotional bliss. If you are irritated with your puppy, you could continue to focus on your irritation, thus building momentum toward your downward spiral. Or you could realize your irritation, stop the flow of negative energy, and refocus on your love for the puppy, thus moving away from anger, towards emotional bliss.

  I have control of my emotions, and through this control, I can readjust my focus so I am always moving in a positive direction to emotional bliss?
 Yes, this is correct. Your happiness and your journey to emotional bliss are your responsibility. Through your new awareness, that your emotions are guidance, you can stop a negative emotion from blocking you along your path to emotional bliss. This is the power of accepting your emotions as guidance and not reactions to life

 Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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