Throughout a person's day they will have many opportunities to interact with other people. When these interactions occur, there are decisions made as to how to behave. These decisions happen very quickly, and many times without much thought, though they may be filled with judgement and resentment, or love and kindness. It is only when a person becomes aware, truly aware, of their intention, can they examine their behavior when they meet other people. I have been wondering why people treat those they meet in their day with indifference, and not kindness or compassion?
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner voice will be in normal print.

 Why do people hold their positive energy and emotions back when they are dealing with other people?
 There are those that feel the world is working against them, causing their discomfort and uncertainty. From this false belief they will experience life this way, this will cause strength to grow within their belief. As they go through their day, they feel that each person is a part of their issues. This will cause them to radiate negative energy, which will be felt by those they encounter. The reason for people holding back positive energy is they blame others for their life situation.

 I have seen people with positive attitudes fail to acknowledge other people with a positive response. What can you say to this?
 A truly honest, positive attitude, will not allow a person to treat those around them with anything less than respect and kindness. When a person discovers their true inner love, this is the energy all people will feel, as this is the dominate energy radiated. Whatever the underlying emotion of a person, will be the energy radiated by them. A thing to realize would be, if a person has any negative energy within them this will be felt by others. The energy of emotions does not lie, what you are feeling is what you will radiate and others will feel.

 In a sense, I can't hide my negative beliefs.
 You may try to hide your negative thoughts and beliefs, but this energy will be felt by all those you encounter in your day. Even if a person is not consciously aware of the energy they are feeling, on a deep level within them, this energy is acknowledged. From this deep level their reaction to the person radiating negative energy is created, which may reflect negative energy.

 We have been speaking about kindness. How does this relate to this powerful positive emotion?
 The basis of a persons beliefs will determine the emotional energy they will radiate. Kindness, compassion and love, can be very challenging emotions to accept within a person and equally challenging to radiate out to strangers. Many feel a stranger must prove themselves before any positive emotions will be shared. This limits the risk of sharing positive energy and having it turned away. Though when a person is living a truly loving, compassionate, life they will discover there is no need to limit love and kindness.

 We limit our emotional energy to other people?
 Yes, of course people do. There is a fear of showing people who they truly are, this fear limits the positive growth associated with sharing love and kindness.

 Why are people afraid of showing their true selves?
 People hide their true feelings because of many reasons, fear is one, another would be a desire to be liked by those around them. When fear is the predominate emotion, this person is hiding their authentic self from experiencing the world around them. They live through their fear and experience encounters with other people as confrontations where any positive emotion in held back. The desire to be accepted by others can keep a person from experiencing their true emotions, because sharing positive emotions may not be accepted or allowed. Also, sharing emotions can be seen as a weakness, and this may have been taught as an undesirable trait.

  I am surprised that a positive emotion such as kindness can be taught as undesirable.
 There is a powerful belief that says there is no need to treat all people with love, kindness and compassion. The thinking is, people are different, either through, race, religion or country of origin. Because of this false belief, positive emotions are withheld as a way to judge and punish them.

 Yet kindness, love, and compassion are such powerful positive emotions that can open many doors in the human experience.
 It is through living these positive emotions where the doors will open for people. Living through kindness, love and compassion, are keys to opening the doors that may have prevented a person from living their authentic life.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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