Spiritual Journey

 I'm here sitting at our local coffee shop watching the summer crowd walk past, wondering about Spiritual journeys and whether people realize they are on this journey. I am also wondering if this awareness is even important to a life well lived. I know what is working for me and how I feel because of my awareness, but is this awareness important? Many questions to be sure, so I thought I would ask my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Are all people on a Spiritual Journey? 
 Yes, the physical life you are experiencing now is a Spiritual journey to a deeper understanding of who you truly are. Also, through this journey of awareness, you grow as an individual as does all of humanity. Many people do not realize their journey because this has not been taught to them, and some do not see the need for exploring their true selves. There are those that believe there is only life in the physical world, without a connection to a deeper source of energy. This is a false belief that may keep people from experiencing a more self loving life. 

  There is a connection between a Spiritual journey and a self loving life? Could you explain this?
 Self love is discovering who a person truly is. When a person chooses to undertake a Spiritual journey they are willing to accept that the world around them may be different than they have been taught. Experiencing the world Spirituality or through self love will change the way in which the world is experienced. The connection between self love and Spirituality, is that they are one. To accept ones own love through self love is to discover that Source, Spirit, The Divine, The Great Creator,  God reside within you.

 That's a powerful thought to ponder. 
 It cannot be any other way, the energy that has created all people is the energy of the Divine. This loving energy connects all people in their physical body's with the tremendous energy that is in the non physical realm. The energy of the non physical realm is pure love. Accepting this love through the act of self love connects a person Spiritually to the non physical realm.

 How does this this influence our Spiritual journey?
 True self love is this connection with the Divine, the journey is now guided by this love, kindness and compassion. As life continues, trust is built with this loving guidance, as this guidance is followed life will unfold in unexpected ways. What few people are willing to accept would be, a life lived through love and kindness will be shared with other, kind and loving people. From this place of love, life's experiences will be kind and loving as well.

  Isn't a Spiritual journey about connecting with a higher source of consciousness?
 Yes, of course it is. This higher source of consciousness is of love, towards all beings on your planet. This love, this higher source of consciousness, is within you and all people. The Spiritual journey is discovering the love that is within each and every person you encounter within your day. It may appear too simple to accept that a higher source of consciousness is true love. This can challenge many people, but it cannot be any other way. True love flows to all beings from the Divine, Source, or Spirit, connecting with this love is connecting with this loving energy.

 When I accept my self love, I then accept the love from the Divine and a higher consciousness?
 Yes. it is important to understand that the love from the Divine is the source of your self love. When you accept your self love, you are also accepting the endless love from the Divine.

  A Spiritual journey, is a journey within and cannot be accessed outside of myself?
 Within you is the love, kindness and compassion, you have been seeking from the physical world around you. A true Spiritual journey is a desire to experience the tremendous love that can only be found within you. This discovery will open the world in unexpected ways for those that have chosen a true Spiritual journey.

 How will my life change through my newly discovered self love?
 A life lived through this loving connection with the Divine, is a life lived with truth and honesty, now what has been elusive in the past can now be experienced within. The life change occurs because there is no longer a need to seek love from those around you, the love you once sought from others has been within you the entire time. A Spiritual journey is connecting with your self love, which will connect you to the endless love the Divine has for you.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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