The Emotional Component

 It has been a funny week for me, feeling unsettled within myself for a time. Then I had wonderful visits with people that are willing to accept beyond what they can touch and see in the physical realm. The variety of emotions caused an inner uncertainty within me. I could continue to add energy to my emotions of being unsettled or I could focus on the positive energy of my enlightening visits. What has helped me move through these unsettled times was working at changing my focus. If I feel this way and experience swings in my emotions, other people must experience this also. This feels like a conversation to have with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

  When people experience emotional swings in their day, what can we do to ease the stress these swings can create?
 First it is important to accept that a persons natural state of being is love, kindness and compassion. When a person experiences any negative emotions they have separated themselves from their natural state of being. Also, people fail to realize that their emotions are guidance, directing them to a more loving place. The focus a person places on any event in their life, will have an emotional component with it. This emotional component determines the outcome of their situation, as well as how their future unfolds, here, we mean their immediate future.

 How does the emotional component effect the future?
 Let us ask you a question. How often do you carry a negative experience within you throughout your day? The negative emotion is the emotional component, which if carried long enough can have a negative impact on your day and your relationships. The emotional component you carry within you radiates out to the world and returns to you through the encounters you experience. One way to know what you are radiating is to examine how your interactions evolve. If you experience many negative outcomes to your encounters, then you are carrying a negative emotional component with you and  will be radiating this powerful component to those you encounter, thus effecting your experience in a negative way.

 How does the emotional component cause the swings in our emotions.
 Few people truly accept the idea that they can control their life by becoming aware of their emotions, then from there controlling their emotions. When we use the word control, we are speaking of realizing the emotion, then choosing to accept the emotion and follow through with it. Or, realizing the emotion, choosing to challenge the emotion, then move in a more positive direction. Negative emotions can rule your life if they are allowed to flow without challenge. Emotional swings are caused by allowing negative emotions to go unchallenged then experiencing a positive emotion that conflicts with the negative emotion.

 Are you saying, I should attempt to control my emotions to avoid emotional swings in my life?
 Remember, controlling emotions is not denying yourself the guidance emotions speak, it is challenging an emotion that would otherwise effect your life in a negative way.

 Rather than get angry in a situation, I should challenge the emotion that caused me to get angry. What then?
 Yes, this a quick decision that must happen before the anger grows into something that will effect the outcome of the situation.

 Every situation has an emotional component, and how we handle this component will effect the outcome?
 Yes, because this is where a person either allows the situation to control their emotions, thus effecting the outcome of their day, or challenges the emotion then moving to a more pleasing emotional state of being.

  How will this effect the emotional swings a person goes through in their day?
 Once a history of challenging negative emotions has been developed, the overall outcome of a persons life will be positive. Because now there is an awareness of how negative emotions can derail a positive frame of mind. The negative emotions are challenges to maintain a persons true self, which is based on love, kindness and compassion.

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