Creating A Persona

 I have often wondered why we deny ourselves the best life possible? Why do we settle for less than we truly desire? Also, why do we sacrifice our happiness for the happiness of others? Many times we do this without truly knowing why, only to become dissatisfied with the outcome and disappointed with ourselves. But, the underlying question is why do we behave this way? For these answers I thought a conversation with my Inner Voice would be helpful.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers will be in normal print.

 Why do we choose to deny ourselves our best life possible?
 This choice is made through the desire to please others first, before they explore what is best for them. Through a desire to be accepted by other people, a person will allow their dreams and aspirations to fall aside. It is important to realize the depth at which a person wishes to be liked by those around them. Many people have created a persona that is unlike their true self, yet they experience life though this persona. Their persona is a person that will do anything to be accepted, thus denying their true life.

  So people create a false persona that they show to the world so they will be liked by those around them. Why do people do that?
 People that create a persona are afraid that their true self will not be accepted or liked by others. Through this behavior they are limiting their true life experience because their persona is not who they truly are. They are also limiting their true potential, because they have not discovered their truth and the powerful life that can be lived because of this discovery.

 We have such little belief in ourselves, we will create a person that will be accepted by others?
 Yes, because from a young age people have been attempting to please those around them to increase and maintain their self worth and self esteem. This desire becomes stronger as a void is created within them because they are continuing to deny themselves their truth through their actions. This behavior continues because this person needs the gratification felt through sacrificing to please others.
 The low opinion swells from not taking the risk of discovering, then living, their true desires. It then becomes more comfortable to change and be accepted than attempting to recognize what truly pleases them and live life from this realization. Through this denial, people will have a low opinion of themselves because they are not living their true potential, thus they need the approval of others to fill the void created by their persona.

  Is this because we feel we do not deserve the best life possible? Or we don't know how to reach our true goals?
 There are many reasonsthere may be little belief that their true goals can be obtained, or there may be a fear of what will happen if their desires are accomplished. The fear of success has stopped many talented people from realizing their best life possible. Also, they may not know their true potential and are unwilling to explore the possibilities that will aid them in accomplishing their true desires.

 What about the people that we created our personas for. Do they influence our decisions when it comes to moving in the direction towards our best life?
 If a person creates a persona to please others, then they will limit their effort to explore their true desires. They will be intentionally holding themselves in a place of discomfort to maintain the approval of those around them. From this behavior the influence of others will impact this person in a negative way. The desire to be liked and approved of by others will limit the true potential of any person behaving this way.

 What do you, the reader, think? Do you accept that we can create a persona to be liked by others? I would like to hear from you on this subject or any of my other conversations with my Inner Voice. Please leave a comment.

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