Uncomfortable Emotional Places

 As I go through my day I come in contact with people that choose to stay in uncomfortable emotional places. I use the word choose because many times these people may refuse any guidance or wisdom that could move them into a better situation, both emotionally as well as physically. I  am wondering why they make these choices that may keep them unhappy and living unfulfilling lives. I thought I would ask my Inner Voice for clarity on this subject.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why do people choose to stay in their uncomfortable situation?
 Few people are willing to accept that this behavior is a choice. They can choose a better path yet they may be afraid of the outcome. They accept that where they are is less challenging than moving forward to a place that is unknown to them, even if this place will be a tremendous benefit for them. Their fear can keep them from moving towards the life they truly want to live.

  I can remember a time in my life when I chose to stay where I was, thinking this would please those around me. As it turns out I didn't please them nor did I please myself. 
 The expectation that all will be well if a person sacrifices their desires to please those around them, can cause some very unpleasant emotions surfacing within a persons life. Not wanting to make matters worse they choose to stay silent rather than express their dissatisfaction. This behavior then becomes the way in which they experience the world around them. You thought that through your sacrifice your life would unfold with love and compassion, only to be disappointed when these emotions were not granted to you. This realization kept you in an uncomfortable place emotionally as you searched for the correct course of action.

 Many people would argue that staying in this uncomfortable place is not their choice. What can you say to them?
 Whether they accept this or not is also their choice. All matters pertaining to an individuals happiness are their responsibility. If they choose anything that is not inline with their happiness they are then choosing to stay in an uncomfortable place emotionally. Realize that even the most simple choices that move a person away from their true happiness will keep them in this self abusive place.
From this behavior, they are separating themselves from living their lives with truth and honesty.

  Those are powerful words, saying that a person is involved in self abuse if they choose to sacrifice their desires for others. 
 When a person denies themselves the life they truly desire, they are telling themselves they are not worthy of their desires. Imagine telling yourself you are not worthy of the best life possible because you fear success or true happiness. This is self abuse at its most powerful, thus maintaining a place of tremendous discomfort within your life. There is no self love found in this behavior, nor can true love be shared if this person is in a relationship.

  If I am denying myself the best life possible, I am denying my true love from being shared with those around me?
 Yes, when a person denies themselves their true self love, they are telling themselves they do not deserve such powerful love. They are also denying this powerful love with those within their life. A person cannot share something they are not experiencing within themselves. You cannot express true love if there is no self love experienced within you.

 How does this keep us in an uncomfortable place emotionally?
 By choosing to deny oneself true self love, they are choosing to stay in a place of tremendous discomfort, this will only effect their life in a negative way. A life lived with self love, truth and honesty will move a person away from their uncomfortable place to a life they feel they truly deserve.

 How do we move away from this uncomfortable place to experience our true selves?
 Within all people is their inner voice that speaks only through love, kindness and compassion. This loving voice is the voice of who a person truly is. The inner voice is a persons guide to the best life possible. Discovering and following the inner voice will lead a person away from their uncomfortable place to a life that is lived through their truth and honesty.

 Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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