The Love Within Us

 Many times when I want a conversation, yet I don't have any ideas about what to talk about, I ask my Inner Voice to take the lead. Today is such a day.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print. 

 What would you like to talk about today?
 Few people realize the tremendous love that is within them. Throughout the course of their lives they have been taught that true love can only be found outside of themselves. Because of this powerful false belief, people will do almost anything for others, to feel the love that they are denying themselves. People then become very separated from their ability to experience their inner love.

 Why do we choose to live this way?
 This way of living has been taught for many generations. It must be realized that seeking this powerful love within, can be seen as selfish which is a trait that is unwanted in loving individuals. Yet we would suggest that being selfish is the only way in which this love can be realized within the human experience. The choice that you speak of, is because the giving of oneself to others is seen as virtuous and worth the admiration of others.

  Why have people been taught to give of themselves before they attend to their own needs and desires?
 The idea is that through self sacrifice they will reach a higher self. But they will never feel the love that is within them through their sacrifice, and because of this, they will continue to sacrifice their needs and desires in a attempt to reach their higher self. 

 Why will we not experience the tremendous love that is within us as we sacrifice ourselves for others?
 If the reason for the sacrifice is to feel and experience love from others in return for their sacrifice, then this could be a never ending cycle. Remember, no true, lasting love will ever be experienced from another person compared to the endless, powerful love that is within. At some point the sacrifice will not be enough to please others, then more sacrifice will be attempted to prevent falling short in the future. From this emotional place, no amount of sacrifice will fill the void felt within; the separation between a persons true self love and their sacrifice will be too great.

 So, there is no point is sacrificing myself for the happiness of those around me?
 Imagine discovering your true, powerful self love; then living life through this love and sharing this love, without the expectation of any love in return. Your love is shared because your life radiates love now; because you love yourself without sacrifice or expectation. Realize that self sacrifice is an act of expectation; you sacrifice with the expectation of love being returned or you hope to reach a higher self through this behavior.
 When the love that is within a person is discovered, this then becomes the way in which the world will react to them; there becomes no need to sacrifice any aspect of their life for love.

 That seem selfish?
 No other person can discover and live life through your self love, this is your love to discover. Why deny yourself the most powerful love that you will ever experience in your physical body because the definition of selfishness is outdated when it comes to your well being?  If discovering your true self love and living through this love is selfish then so be it. Again, no person can support you with their love as your own self love will. 
 The love that is within you, is and will be, the most complete, powerful love that you will ever experience in your physical body. The love that is within you can only be discovered by a true selfish desire for a better life experience.

Copyright, Paul Hudon 2018


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