The Purpose Of A Journey Within

What's the point? Have you ever felt this way? Why should I attempt to seek my inner truth or a better life, my life is just fine? Many times we can get discouraged with the process of realizing who we truly are. We can be unsure why it all matters. I thought this would be a great conversation to have with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers will be in normal print. 

 Why is it important to seek a life that is more connected with our true selves?
 Discovering your true self will allow you to live the life that you intended to live when you came into your physical body. Realize that many people disregard their true desires because of other concerns that they feel are more important than their happiness. Life was not meant to be lived with your head down, toiling away without joy and true happiness. Connecting with your true self will connect you with your true purpose in this lifetime.

 It just seems like a lot of work to have the time for self exploration. Why can't we just live the life that has been handed to us?
The level of work will depend on how far a person has moved away from living through their passions and true joy. Self exploration is a journey of discovering what is beneath the layers of false beliefs, that have been learned throughout a persons life. Once these false beliefs have been released from a persons consciousness, a person will begin to discover who they truly are without the shadow of false beliefs. 

 Why face that challenge, why not just live?
 Realize that many people are doing just that, and they are living unfulfilling lives, lives that do not have any true meaning for them. They may also be very unsatisfied with the quality of their experience. The point of a journey of self exploration, is to discover a persons truth, then from this powerful place, live to their true, honest potential. It is important to accept that a true, honest, loving life can only be accomplished through a journey within. Remember, the challenges you speak of have been created by many of the events in your life. 
 Earlier you asked about living the life that has been handed to you. The issue with this, is that through this behavior you are placing your happiness and growth in the hands of others, who don't have your best interest at heart.
 I am still asking myself, what's the point? I'm fine where I am, and with how I have been living.
 Our question to you would be: Do you accept that because of your beliefs you are not living to your true, honest potential? Being fine with the way your life is progressing, and you are unwilling to change, will not take you to a place to truly knowing and living your best life possible. 

 Will my true potential differ from where I am now? 
 Yes in ways that are unimaginable to you, as long as you continue to accept the life that you are living now is fine. Which by the way, has been created by the events of the world, and has not been created by your positive thoughts and actions. Through an honest self exploration, then living a life through this new awareness your life will become one that is directed by your thoughts, your actions, as well as your behavior to the events in your life. You will now be in control of your life instead or your life controlling you. 

 So, the point of a journey within is to discover who I truly am meant to be, then from this powerful place live that life?
 Yes that is the point. Also realize, many people have accepted a version of themselves that has been taught to them by those around them. This is not a true representation of who they are, and they live their lives limited by these beliefs. The point of a journey within is to release these beliefs and discover the true potential of who you really are, then living your life through this potential.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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