Accepting Our Inner Guidance

 I have been wondering about the inner guidance that is within all people, yet many times we deny  ourselves this important piece of information. I have heard people say that they don't have inner guidance, this is surprising to me, though I understand, it wasn't too long ago when I was denying myself of this powerful, loving voice. I thought further insights would be available from my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Do all people have an inner voice or an inner guidance system?
 Yes, all people have an inner guidance system though we would call it an inner guidance network. The reason we prefer using the word network is because guidance flows to people in many different ways. Gut feelings are different than the gentle voice that some people hear, instincts can be felt as a physical sensation; all of these examples are part of the inner guidance network that is within all people. The physical world outside of the human body is also a messenger of insight and guidance. 

 If all people have this network of guidance within them, then why do they fail to recognize it?
 Many people have been taught that this guidance is only for people that are sensitive to these feelings and signs. Through teachings as this, many people will disregard any sensation or emotion that would be considered as guidance. 
 It must be realized that as life has become filled with obligations and commitments, people have focused more on what is happening around them and not what they are feeling within them. Because of this people are constantly overlooking and ignoring their inner guidance network. 

 How can people become more aware of their inner network of guidance?
 The important first step to accepting their guidance is to believe and accept that this guidance exists. 
This may sound obvious, but if a person doubts that guidance flows to them constantly, then they will not feel the feelings or see the sights of guidance within their life. Acceptance is the beginning to recognizing the guidance in a persons life. Trust that guidance flows to people all of the time, everyday, all day, it is never-ending, though doubt will block the guidance from being experienced.
 To become aware of a persons inner guidance, a person must become sensitive to any emotions or feelings before a decision, or action is taken. Imagine the inner guidance network as a warning system that wants to keep you safe, happy, and on track to live the best life possible. Any discomfort felt before a decision is guidance, the discomfort is the warning to reevaluate the actions that you are about to take.

 How do we know if the guidance is true and authentic?
 The best way is to examine the outcome of an event or decision. Was any discomfort noticed  before the decision was made? If so, what was the outcome? This may seem backwards but through the outcome you will know if the discomfort was authentic. 

 So, if I feel uncomfortable about a situation and I proceed and it doesn't work out in my favor, the uncomfortable feeling was guidance?
 Yes, the uncomfortable feeling was powerful guidance, by ignoring the uncomfortable feeling, you moved forward into a situation that was not right for you. Through becoming aware of the outcome of a situation and any feelings or discomfort felt before the situation you will learn to see the discomfort as guidance.

 Why follow the guidance? My life is just fine the way it is.
 True inner guidance has your best interest as its main focus. Your health, safety and best life possible will be accessed through your inner guidance. 
 If you feel that your life is just fine, our question would be, have you struggled with actions that you have taken? Have you gone through many jobs and relationships? How is your health? Simple questions to be sure, but if answered with truth and honesty, you may see how you have ignored the very guidance that was meant to keep you safe and healthy.

 If I am not paying attention to my inner voice, then what voice am I following?
 This would be the voice of the ego which will tell you what it wants you to hear. The ego is driven by other factors in your life. These factors would be, the desire to be liked and admired by others, the desire to please others through changing your behavior, and how you use the opinions of others to boost your self worth and self esteem. 
 When you have complete trust in your inner guidance network, your life will be filled with the best possible outcomes for every situation in your life experience. 
 Accepting your inner guidance will lead you to make the best possible decisions at all times in your life, without the need to doubt its truth.

 Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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