Emotions As Guidance

 I have been thinking of the power of my emotions: love, joy, sadness and frustration, to name a just few. But, can we use our emotions as guidance, for our greater good? Or are our emotions just reactions to the situations that we encounter within our daily lives? Can our emotions guide us to better life experiences? With these and many other questions I thought that I would ask my Inner Voice for guidance.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Can we use our emotions as guidance?
 Yes, of course. Many people believe that emotions are reactions to the situations in life, in some cases this is true. But emotions are also intended as powerful guidance, which can benefit people if they are aware of this wisdom. Let us explain, the basis of all humanity is love, kindness and compassion, this is who they are at their core, this is their true self.  When a person is living a truly loving life they are connected with their true selves. When a person becomes separated from their true self, they will experience negative emotions. These negative emotions should be seen as guidance, attempting to direct them back to their true place of love. When they reconnect with their true self, they will feel and radiate the love that is their truth.

 So our negative emotions are telling us that we are off track with our truth?
 Yes, negative emotions are experienced when a person is separated from who they truly are at the time. This separation may be many years or it could be a matter of moments, it will all depend upon the individual and the intensity of their separation. The intention of life is to live the best life possible through the love that is a persons truth.

 What about positive emotions, how are they guidance?
 When a person is living their truth, they will be expressing love through their thoughts, words and actions. Through this behavior, love will be radiated back to them, the cycle will continue as long as they are living their truth. This feeling of love now becomes the way in which they will experience the world around them. When positive, loving emotions are being experienced, the guidance is telling this person that they are moving forward in the right direction with the situation at hand. If suddenly this person begins to feel a negative emotion, this is telling them that they have veered off course with what is truly right for them. Remember, a persons truth is love, kindness and compassion, any other emotion is guidance directing them back to this place of love.

 If I am feeling any emotion that is not love based, what should I do?
 When you have experienced any negative emotion you have become separated from your truth, you have distanced yourself from the very guidance that will be the most important for you at that time. When a person becomes angry, they are not in an emotional place to make the decisions needed for the best outcome possible. It is important to realize the negative emotion before it becomes something that cannot be controlled or taken back. Once the negative emotion is realized there are two courses of action, one would be to stop where you are and reevaluate your present course of action, can a better solution be found when you return to your place of love? Or, you can allow yourself to continue to become involved with the negative emotion, thus increasing the separation from the very loving guidance that will truly help you in this situation.

 Yes, but getting angry is just part of life isn't it?
 If getting angry is part of life then so is getting separated from living your truth. Any negative emotion is distancing yourself from who you truly are. It makes no difference if you get angry at your  partner or your dog, you have become disconnected from the love that is within you. Why accept the belief that getting angry is just part of life, when this behavior will separate you from the endless love that is within you. Yes, you may be able to make it through life with this belief, but you will not be living your truth, experiencing your life through love, kindness and compassion.

 When I feel any negative emotion, I should reevaluate the situation and move away from the situation emotionally?
 Any negative emotion will draw you away from the guidance that you need at the time. Anger and frustration are powerful roadblocks that will prevent you from experiencing a positive outcome to any situation. When you begin to become angry you will not resolve the situation as you would through love. This may seem odd but when you are living through your truth, living through love, there will be no need to become angry or experience any negative emotion. Why? Because the emotion of love will now become the way in which your life will be lived. Living life through the wisdom of love will allow you to experience your emotions as the guidance that is needed to live your best life possible.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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