That Material Object

 I have always been amazed at the desire to possess material objects. Yes, a house, a car, and a computer are important, but I'm talking about objects that we attach to our happiness. With this in mind I thought a conversation with my Inner Voice would help shed some light on this subject.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 Why do people attach their happiness to some material objects?
 First it is important to realize that material objects are just that, material objects. They cannot produce or maintain love or sustain a deep connection with the Divine energy that is within all people. What should be accepted is that many material objects are obtained to fill a void within. The thrill of buying an object can also create a feeling of accomplishment, as well as contentment. Again, the object will never fill the void within a persons being. 

 It is interesting how people acquire an object with the expectation of the object making them happy. I never thought of the object filling a void within them. 
 When a person behaves this way, they are expecting the object to bring them happiness. The void that we are speaking of is their lack of self love, though many people may not see this connection. When a person truly loves themselves and is living through their self love, they understand that the object is not meant to make them truly happy. As is the case many times, the object fades from focus as does the feeling of happiness associated with it. From this diminished energy a new object must be acquired to boost their emotional energy.

 So, we buy or obtain an object to fill a void within because we lack self love?
 Yes, the expectation is that the object will make the buyer feel better and possibly look better in the eyes of their friends. This admiration can boost the buyers self esteem and self worth, thus filling the void left through their lack of self love.

 The question now is, why do we lack self love in the first place?
 Many people lack self love because they fail to see and experience their true self worth. When people seek admiration through their material object, they are placing their happiness on something that will wear out or go out of fashion. They have not searched within themselves to discover their  inner truth, or the true happiness that can only be found within them, this true happiness is the connection with their self love.

 Obtaining the object may not have anything to do with the beauty or the memories associated with the object?
 At first it may, but with time it becomes just another object that needs attention or it clutters one's life. The feeling of the object becomes lost as its value fades, then it becomes a thing that was once important. From this emotional place, a new object must be located and obtained to maintain their level of worth. 

 This is a funny subject, I never thought that a material object was intended to fill a void within us and boost our self worth.
 Many people are not aware of the powerful love that is within them. Self love replaces the need to seek objects, or friends that boost self esteem and self worth. A life lived through true self love is a life filled with joy and happiness, without the need to buy an object. 
 As you have said some objects are important for a successful life, but many are meant to replace the feelings of sadness, anger or even envy. When this is the case the object will loose its appeal quickly and another object will be needed.

 So we acquire an object to make us feel better, and if it doesn't, we go out and buy another in hopes that this one makes us feel better? All because we believe that it will make us happy?
 Yes, because people don't love themselves and they believe that their self worth is connected to having the object and they believe the object will make them happy.

 How are we to acquire an object then?
 Discover the self love that is within you before you connect your happiness to an object. We are not saying that you should stop buying or obtaining objects. We are saying to do this from a place of self love, then the object is just that, an object that is pleasing to live with, but it is not the measure of your true happiness. 
 No physical object can ever replace the tremendous love that can only be found within each individual. This powerful love replaces the need to buy or obtain objects to make a person happy, and loving.

Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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