The Power of Our Thoughts

 All of our actions begin as thoughts, this is obvious. If this is the case then we must accept that we create our lives through our thoughts. Is it this simple? Do we create our lives through our thoughts? If so, then maybe we should place more focus on the thoughts that we think. If I create my life through the results of my thoughts, then why can life be so difficult at times? This would be a good conversation to have with my Inner Voice.
 My questions will be in italics and the answers from my Inner Voice will be in normal print.

 I thought that all of our thoughts are random. Is this the case?
Thoughts can never be random, there is something going on within you that is creating your thoughts. Yes, your thoughts can be influenced by events from the outside world, but in these cases you have focused on the events. It is the focus on the event from the outside world that causes you to create thoughts about the outside world. When people feel their thoughts are random, it is because they are unfocused with their thoughts. It is the unfocused person that creates random thoughts.

 Then, how do I create my life through unfocused thoughts?
 It must first be realizes that thoughts will attract similar thoughts. As in science, like attracts like, so too is it with your thoughts. Unfocused thoughts will attract unfocused life experiences, conversely, focused thoughts will attract a focused experience. The creation of ones experience will be the result of the thoughts that this person is thinking. The creation of a persons life will be through the attraction of ones thoughts, basically, what you think, you will experience.

 Thoughts are that powerful, even though I may never speak them?
 Thoughts are energy, and this energy will be broadcasted from you as you think a thought. This energy will be reflected back to you through the life you experience. Whether you speak the thought or just think the thought, its energy will be radiated from you, and will affect the outcome of your day, or even your life.

 So I should think positive thoughts for a positive life?
 When a person truly accepts that their thoughts can create their life experience they will see the benefit of thinking positive thoughts. Either way, positive or negative, the energy of the thought will attract its like energy into your life.

 What are some of the things that we would never think of when it comes to our thoughts?
 If positive thoughts create and attract positive life experiences, negative thoughts will attract negative experiences. This would include your health. A person can make themselves sick through a constant diet of negative thoughts. It makes no difference if the thought is spoken or thought, a negative thought will impact your health in a negative way.

 I'm surprised that our thoughts can make us sick. Could you explain this further?
 You have all heard stories of people that become sick before a public speaking event, also those that become ill before a test or exam. The constant thought of the experience becoming negative will cause a breakdown within the human body. It is the powerful negative energy of the thoughts that will  effect the body in a negative way.

 Negative thoughts are that a powerful?
 Yes, if you speak negative words to a houseplant it will wither, but if you speak with positive, loving words the plant will thrive. It is the same way with the human body. Even if the thought is not spoken the energy of the thought will effect the body in harmful, negative ways.

 In a way thinking negative thoughts will create sickness or illness within us?
 Yes this is the power of the thoughts that a people think, but few realize this. It would be best to stay positive, think positive thoughts and avoid unfocused thoughts. It is the unfocused thought that spins out of control and builds into something uncontrollable, that creates many of a persons difficulties in their life.

 The power of my thoughts are the energy they radiate and the attraction they return to me?
 This is the power of the thoughts that people carelessly think, without much consideration or concern. Few people are willing to accept the truth which is: what they think, they will create.

 Copyright Paul Hudon 2018


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